Using Visualization for Lower Golf Scores – Update

As promised, I used  Brian Penn’s, from All About Golf, technique of visualizing my round before I started. It was a very interesting process and it reinforced several aspects of my game that needed attention.

It was important to write down my intended scores before hitting the links to ingrain my thoughts about how my round should go. I believe that this technique could be successful if applied routinely and be open to what the results have to say.

Below is a copy of the Roundel Glen’s scorecard.

Roundel Glen Score Card

The following shows my visualized score in black and my results in blue:

  1. 3 – Par — 3 Par
  2. 4 – Birdie — 7 Double
  3. 3 – Par — 3 Par
  4. 4 – Par — 5 Bogey
  5. 4 – Par — 5 Bogey
  6.  5 – Bogey — 5 Bogey
  7.  5 – Bogey — 5 Bogey
  8.  4 – Par — 4 Par
  9.  5 – Par – Front 9 Total: 37 — 4 Birdie – Front 9 Total 41
  10. 4- Bogey — 4 Bogey
  11. 4 – Par — 4 Par
  12.  4 – Par — 5 Bogey
  13.  5 – Bogey — 4 Par
  14.  4 – Par — 4 Par
  15. 5 – Par — 6 Bogey
  16. 3 – Birdie — 4 Par
  17. 3 – Par — 3 Par
  18. 5 – Par – Back 9 Total: 37 — 5 – Par – Back 9 Total: 39

Total score I am visualizing: 74 — 80


In addition to my raw score, I kept stats on fairways hit, putts, GIR, sand saves and scramble percentage. I am still analyzing this data and more to follow on what I think they mean.

Overall, I shot or exceeded my visualization score 66% of the time. I had 1 double (which I try to avoid at all costs) and I did not have any “3-putts”. I was a little disappointed in my score, but I am still very intrigued with the process.

I will have to try writing down my score a few more times before coming to any real conclusions, but for now, I am having fun tracking things.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “Using Visualization for Lower Golf Scores – Update

  1. Jim, glad you gave this a try. I hope you took something positive away. The jury is still out on the method with me because I’m not sure why it worked and my sample size is small (3 rounds). Someone had previously recommended to me to visualize a final score before I teed off. I though, “Okay, 68” and proceeded to shoot 84. Coincidence or something to it?

    I am also not sure how to handle this on a course that I am not familiar with. Two of the six we’re scheduled to play next week in Myrtle Beach fall into this category and I’m wondering if I should try on those venues. But I am playing on four that I know pretty well and will give it a go. I’ll have ample data to report on in a couple weeks.

    Play well!


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    • Brian

      I did have many take aways and most were positive. I think there might be something here, but it is a matter of applying it properly. I would try it on tracks you have never seen because it should work regardless of the course….I will be interested to hear how your Myrtle Beach trip works out.


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      • Jim, I think you’re right on the new courses but I may just have to go on yardage alone and maybe a course map. I’m sure not predicting a pile of GIRs on 445 yard par-4s.



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  2. Hi Jim,

    Very interesting although I would be doing cartwheels if I shot an 80.

    I do visualise shots but have never considered what I would like to score before I play. My mantra is whack it and hope for the best (after lining up and doing everything I have been taught that is) and for me golf is all about how to get yourself out of the crap you just put yourself in.

    I am quite good at a scramble and some days I play better if I am hitting while wrapped around a tree rather than in the middle of the fairway.


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