2016 US Open Picks

The US Open has a tradition of being the most challenging Major. This year, Oakmont Golf Course will help uphold this tradition and perhaps vex most of the field in the process! In 2007, Tiger Woods commented that “That golf course is going to be one of the toughest tests that we’ve ever played in a U.S. Open, especially if it’s dry, it will be unreal because those greens are so severe.” This year should be no different!


US Open Trophy

Picking a winner at this year’s US Open is challenging and complex. The number of variables would challenge Albert Einstein, however, sometimes keeping it simple is the best solution!

Oakmont is a beast. Ranked as a #5 of 100 in the US, it was built in 1903 by Henry Fownes. With its 200+ bunkers, the crazy fast greens that are anything but flat, and ultra-narrow fairways will challenge each player to their breaking point. It will take a player with a complete game to win at Oakmont.

There was much talk about Rickie Fowler demonstrating how the greens borderline on unfair. For professionals, greens as slick and undulating as Oakmont Golf Course will test all of their skill. Great putters will have an advantage this year for sure.

However, I am not going to over complicate my selection. For years, I have picked this player to win the US Open and he finished second 6 times! This players has the ability to play the tough courses with guile! He hits from the left side and is ranked 9th overall in PGA Tours wins (42).

Phil Mickelson is my choice as the 2016 US Open Champion. This is his year! He is my sentimental favorite and it is time for him to complete is career grand slam! I am looking forward to seeing Lefty conquer Oakmont.

What are your choices for the US Open?

I am the grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “2016 US Open Picks

  1. Im not exactly going out on a limb here but if Jason Day plays close to his best.. he wins
    Long and accurate off the tee – even with his 2 iron . A brilliant up and down game and he is as good a clutch putter the game has seen since Tiger
    Not a bad combination for victory at Oakmont

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