The US Open – What is Going On?

As the US Open unfolds, many pundits are scratching their heads wondering where all the superstars are! The are definitely not at the top of the leader board except for Dustin Johnson, Lee Westwood and Sergio Garcia. These stars are household names in golf with others some the others like Shane Lowery, Jim Furyk and Bubba Watson just a few strokes back.

The second round was delayed for darkness, however the top players in the world have some work to do just to make the cut! Are we really surprised at the current leaderboard…..really?

Oakmont is a beast. Ranked as a #5 of 100 in the US, it was built in 1903 by Henry Fownes. With its 200+ bunkers, the crazy fast greens that are anything but flat, and ultra-narrow fairways will challenge each player to their breaking point. And several of the players have already reach that point and beyond.

Confidence Jack Nicklaus

Oakmont destroys confidence, one shot at a time!

During my round yesterday, my group was discussing the difficult conditions of Oakmont. We talked about the deep rough, fast greens and the disjointed progress of this year’s tournament. The consensus of the group is that as amateurs, so what! It is tough, the professionals are incredible, so we really did not care that the players had to work for every stroke! We discussed how the grueling conditions would slowly erode the players confidence!

I read some of the news, I follow many feeds, and for the most part the media is focusing on the under-performance of the top players. With the exception of DJ, I find most of the reporting quite depressing. I think there are many fantastic shots happening at the US Open, but we will likely not hear about them unless one of the superstars happens to make it. I guess I should not fret the media cover will not change, so I will focus on finding some great shots. Hopefully, I am not missing too much.

The US Open is very difficult. I enjoy watching the coverage at If you happen to see a fantastic shot, drop me a line. I would like to see it for myself.

Is the US Open meeting you expectations? Are you enjoying the coverage? Am I out to lunch?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “The US Open – What is Going On?

  1. Aloha Jim,

    Buddy, if you are “out to lunch” we are in the same restaurant.

    Yes, the US Open is meeting my expectations. As expected, they again didn’t ask me to play. I played Thursday anyway and have another round scheduled for Sunday.

    And next week I expect someone will tell me who won the US Open. I won’t remember it for long, but they will tell me.

    That’s pretty much the extent of my expectations. — So, what do you like on the lunch menu?

    A Hui Hou,

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  2. Hi Jim! I haven’t seen any TV coverage yet (hoping to this weekend), but keeping up thru various feeds too. I know a few people who are at the event and they all say the course is brutal!

    “Disjointed” is a good description so far of the play. It’s difficult to establish rhythm in those circumstances, especially at the U.S. Open. Think about the REALLY long, slow play days you’ve experienced with your buddies….and multiply by 100 or so.

    Would be cool to see DJ keep his fine play going, but you never know who will find more fairways and get hit with the putter.

    Have fun watching 🙂

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    • Rick

      Thanks for a professionals perspective. I have played in a tournament where the final round was 6.5 hours. I was in the last group and it took everything in my power to hold on for the win! Oakmont is a beast for sure!



  3. Jim, the coverage has been a little disjointed because of the weather but at the end of Saturday, I suspect things will have normalized. I am intrigued by the thought of DJ and Sergio going head to head on Sunday for the championship. Who could give it away the fastest??? But I think some of the bigger steadier names have not been heard from yet. Long way to go. Enjoy the coverage!


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