The Golf Mutter!

You are playing a course that is kicking your butt. It is long and challenges your every shot. The rough is crazy thick and the greens are so fast that it is like putting on your kitchen table. Wait this sounds exactly like Oakmont! However, that is a different conversation!

When playing the tough courses our mind shifts from focusing on the positive to hoping we don’t make any large numbers! The round slowly starts to erode our confidence and our winning mindset becomes a damage control approach to golf. And this is when the golf mutter starts!

There are times, less now, that I start muttering to myself about why I am playing that way. I start to second guess my club selection, especially around the green. I even start to over-think my setup, alignment and swing tempo! Nothing is left untouched by my golf mutter!

As you read this, I bet you are starting the think about some of your rounds when your golf mutter dominated your thinking. Can you remember what you did to make the muttering go away? Or did you continue to mutter your way around the course?

I have a proven method to stop golf mutter. It works every time and I think that I should pass it on to the players who missed the cut at the US Open (I am sure they were muttering for two days). It is simple and straight forward and everyone can do it! Ready?

Keeping your head Still

How to stop your golf mutter!

I focus on one aspect of my swing. Just one and I forget everything else. For me, I focus on keeping my head still. It is that simple! By focusing on keeping my head still, all other swing thoughts fade away. It refocuses my entire swing process and automatically improves my tempo. I cannot explain it, but that is what works for me. One shot at a time, I start to mutter less and play better golf!

Everyone has an anti-golf mutter mantra in them. The challenge is figuring out what works for you! If you do not know where to start, here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Focus on your pre-shot routine – mentally go through every proven step;
  • Focus on keeping your trail elbow tucked during your swing;
  • Just before you hit the ball, say something like – I can do this or slow and steady; or
  • Tell yourself to swing down your target line!

These are just some thoughts that might stop your golf mutter. The process is quite simple, by focusing on one swing thought, you push all the white noise out of your mind. When this happens, your golf mutter starts to reside. It really is a personal thing and I am sure you have your solution in you. Do you have a solution to stop your golf mutter? If you do, share it with us! We can all use the help!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “The Golf Mutter!

  1. Jim,

    Great advice. I have a couple. My favorite is “pause at the top”. That usually corrects a host of issues, most notably poor timing. When all else is failing on those really poor days, I’ll draw a line on the scorecard after a bad stretch of holes as a mental restart, and think “target”. Hopefully will not need any of that during today’s round. Happy Fathers Day!



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