Growth in Your Golf Game

Well my move is done. Due to other priorities, I have not touched a club in 11 days. This was expected and given the countless tasks involved in moving, golf was not really at the top of my to-do list.

Is the ball half in or half out?

But now it is time to get back to hitting the links. I wonder what this early break will do to my momentum. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, ot will be important to keep focused and to understand that there is a potential for growth in my game.
As I prepare to return to golf, it is important to keep three things in mind. These mental and physical actions are proven my processes to ensure that my golf game has not fallen toonfar off the rails. 

First, manage my expectations. I have not practiced, physically trained or mental thoight of golf in 11 days. Therefore, I cannot expect to play as well as I was before the break. Of course I will play to play well, but I will not allow my ego to elevate my expectations of how well I will play.

Second, follow my preshot routine on every shot. My routine will force my mind and body to remember quicker that I am golfing. It will help with my course management and iron out the kinks in my game.

Lastly, have fun! This is probably the most important of the three. I am golfing again and enjoying the moment while on the links is always important to maintaining a positive attitude on thw links.

As I venture on to a new course with old friends, I will look for opportunities to grow my game. Because this is a new course, I must approach my game differently. I am hoping it is for the better in the long run. Changing course has not detered my intention to be a scratch golfer, in fact, it has increased it. 

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

3 thoughts on “Growth in Your Golf Game

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