Osprey Links 3 Man Scramble – Results

As you will remember, Geary, Blair and I entered a 3 man scramble last Sunday at Osprey Links Golf Course. Jeff Rogerson, the club pro and general manager, organized a great event with the support of his awesome team. To top off the great golf, Jeff’s team provided a fantastic roast beef meal with all the fixings. It was a perfect way to end our time on the links.

Geary, Blair and I had never played together as a group, yet our individual strengths made us a good team on paper. So we embarked on a journey into the unknown, fun and excitement. The rules were fairly straight forward and not uncommon for a scramble tournament. We all arrived early, entered the skins competition, and prepared for a fun round on the links. There was 38 teams in this event with two teams starting off each hole and one par 5 had four teams. The day remained overcast with little wind and no rain.

There were a couple of rules worth mentioning about the 3 man scramble format. We had to use at least two drives from each player; which in our case was not an issue at all. And the one ball rule was not in effect; basically, we could change our ball on every shot if we wanted. Other than those two rules, the basic scramble rules were the same.


11th Green at Osprey Links Golf Course

Before hitting the links, we talked strategy and decided that Geary, our long hitter, would go first most of the time. Additionally, Geary’s strength was keeping the ball in play, thus allowing Blair and I to hit without worry. As it turned out, Blair and I were able to take more risk off the tee which paid off over the 18 holes.

Blair’s short game was on fire! His putting was amazing and he came through on many occasions with the flat stick. I think he sunk 5 putts of 15 feet or longer. It was great watch as I was the last person to play each shot.

I played well also. I made a couple of clutch shots and as it turned out saved us from shooting any bogeys on the day. I felt no pressure all day; and how could I with Geary and Blair shooting the lights out. I actually only putted 9 times throughout the entire round!

Our GIR percentage was very high. We hit 16 of 18 greens! The one hole which we missed horribly as a group was the 100 yard severely downhill par 3. We actually scrambled on that hole and sunk a 12 foot putt for par! We converted 10 of 16 putts for birdie and left tap in pars for the 6 putts we missed. In all fairness to the GIR stat, of the 6 putts – 4 of them was over 35 feet.

The golf was excellent for sure, but the best part of the game was the fun we had laughing, joking, and tormenting each all around the course. We were relentless and because everything was delivered with a smile, our team played loose for 18 holes. This made a tremendous difference in our score.

I am sure you figured out that we finished with a 10 under – 61. We won the A flight (2nd place overall) by retrogression and walked away with a very good prize. The winners of the tournament shot a 58. This is the second year in a row that these young guns won the 3 man scramble and we offer them our congratulations.

The real winners of this event were the players. Jeff and his team put on a fantastic event that offered great golf, a delicious meal and positive fun atmosphere. I talk about customer service as being very important for me and the folks at Osprey Links offer it in spades. They really know how to look after you when you visit their facility.

So there you have it. Geary, Blair and I had a great time and as it turns out, make a strong team. We want to thank Jeff and his team for everything and look forward to next year’s 3 man scramble.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Osprey Links 3 Man Scramble – Results

  1. Aloha Jim,
    “In the money” and you had fun – congratulations! I haven’t played in a Scramble in a long time, you reminded me of how much fun they are – I will have to look one up.
    A Hui Hou,

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