Chipping Practice – Always Learning Something

Practice is the cornerstone to great golf. It allows everyone to try different methods of making different shots. Practice helps players iron out the kinks and create a repeatable swing under pressure. Practice helps players prepare to shoot low golf scores.

Two days ago, I hit the range to work on my ball striking and more importantly my short game. After hitting a large bucket of balls (which really did not help my game much) I headed to the chipping area. I was intent working on my weight distribution and ball position.

Keeping my head still through the entire swing!

Keeping my head;lower body still when chipping!

Funny thing, I actually ended up working on everything else but my weight distribution and ball position. Picking 6 new balls out of my bag, Callaway Soft, I grabbed my 52 degree wedge. After the first 3 shots, I realize that I was pulling the ball left, just like on the course.

After the next 3 balls went left again, it was back to the drawing board. So, I stepped back and went through all the aspects of successful chipping in my mind. I was going through everything, then the light bulb came on: my lower body was way to active.

My legs were bending up and down at the same time as I was shifting my weight forward. Ok, everyone reading this will be shaking their heads and saying: “What were you thinking!” The quick answer: I was not thinking, that is the problem.

Thinking I figured out my problem, I lined up again using no lower body movement. This time I was hitting the ball to the right. OK, what was going on…I was still lining up to adjust for hitting the ball left. I fixed my over compensation and readjusted my aim.

Now that I was hitting the ball straight, I needed to focus on keeping my lower body still during my stroke. After 18 more balls, my lower game was back on form. I was able to hit the ball in the direction I wanted and at the distance required to make a solid chip.

After about 20 minutes of chipping I feel that my chipping game is back on form. I am looking forward to hitting the links to see if my practice time has improved my short game enough to result in a lower golf score!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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