Which Golf Shot Is the Most Important?

Walking around the course is a wonderful experience. I enjoy listening to nature and absorbing all the beauty it offers. As I hit shot after shot, it appears to me that I am playing a great round! It is not my lowest round ever, but it is a solid outing.

After about 7 holes of happiness, I start to think. This is never a good thing sometimes, however that is what I did. I hit the ball off the tee down the middle and my approach shot was spot on. It seemed that no matter what shot I was making, it worked to perfection. Not every round is like this, but there are many that are. Suddenly, my thoughts turned to what should I do next!

Looking back at the round, I do wonder which shot was the most important. Was there one shot that changed my fortune on the round or was it just a special day. When you play, do you ever wonder which was the most important shot of your round?

It is not really complicated because you know it when you see and feel it. You know right away that this one shot changed your fortune. Unfortunately, I do not like to rely on that one shot to change my fortunes. I think it is important to control of my round and make every shot count.

To accomplish this somewhat difficult feat, I realized what the most important shot is the one I am making. I have the opportunity each time I make a shot to reach for the stars. It is important to focus on the shot on hand and execute to the best of my abilities at that moment! It does not always work out as planned, but trying is first step to my success on the links.

My next thought focuses on what part of my swing is the most important. For me, it is my pre-shot routine. This is the corner-stone of my entire swing. It sets the foundation for success and if I deviate from it, my game goes south very quickly. So you maybe saying so, make sure you do you pre-shot routine. Well, I do, but sometimes I do it out of habit and not intent. That is the real root of my challenges on every shot.

So, next year, I am planning to develop a routine that focuses on my what happens before my club contacts the ball. I think this may be the key to solid consistent golf throughout the entire year!

What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Which Golf Shot Is the Most Important?

  1. Jim, I think the most important shot is the one you are about to make. But the most significant shot is the tee shot on #1. A drive drilled down the middle to start your round sets the stage for a positive mindset. And it validates a successful transition from your range warm up to the course. Maybe it’s that old sports adage that the team that scores first usually wins, I dunno. A good start is very important to me.




    • Brian

      I can see your point. It is difficult to argue with starting any round of golf strong. I generally think of my first approach shot as the most important to my game. It is funny how the results will be the same, but getting there is half the fun.


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