Tiger Woods is Back, Again

The long-awaited return of one of the greatest golfers of all time is set to make his return at HERO WORLD CHALLENGE, Albany; New Providence, The Bahamas.

Heeding the advice of his doctors and trainers, Woods didn’t rush his recovery, slowly regained his strength, muscle tone, stamina and endurance, and tweaked his swing.

It has been a long process that challenged his patience and work ethic more than ever before. But for the first time in 466 days, Tiger will return to competitive play Thursday in the Hero World Challenge at Albany in New Providence, Bahamas. The event features an elite 18-player field, including six of the top-10 players in the world ranking, and is hosted by the Tiger Woods Foundation.

Now that he is heading back to competitive play, the entire golfing world is wondering if he is here to stay!

I am happy that Tiger Woods is returning. Leaving golf due to injury was not the way anyone wants to stop playing and an élite player like Woods made it even more difficult to accept.

Woods has tried several ‘come backs’ to no avail. It will be interesting to watch his return up the world rankings. But, I think he needs to temper his expectations (actually the entire golfing world needs to temper their expectations). This weekend’s event, hosted by Tiger Woods, is a good place for him to make his return. There will be some pressure from the top players in the world teeing it up, but ultimately the results of his play are secondary to the support of his charity.

I asked a question a few months back on how high Woods would finish on the world ranking in 2017 and this is what they said:

Personally, I am in the 20 to 30 category. I think he will do very well overall and come second in one event. 2017 will see Tiger Woods as a journeyman player working to keep his card. It will be a new experience for Woods and if he manages his expectations well, I see success in his future. If he gets frustrated by his inconsistent play and lets his ego run his game, he is in for a very long and painful season.

I am glad Tiger Woods is back and I am looking forward to seeing him play.

Are you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

14 thoughts on “Tiger Woods is Back, Again

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  2. I was encouraged by yesterday. A little sloppy sure, but decent overall. And just one note, while he may play like a journeyman he won’t lose his card. He his a lifetime tour member due to his success. That was probably more a figure of speech, but wanted to chime in. Keep up the good work.

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  3. Have you ever thought of having a web page that players can post pictures of golf courses around the world (with labels of course). Just a thought, I love looking at golf courses that I might have a chance to play.

    Thanks, Barry @flynhog1961

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  4. Looks like we are on the same line of thinking this week. I also did a fun little bit on “The return of the Jedi” (Tiger Woods) over on my blog as well. Hope I get as much traction as yours does.

    To Better Golf!

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  5. Jim, I need to see three things from Tiger before pronouncing him “back”: 1) He needs to play for himself and not for other’s expectations. Show some fire in the belly. 2) Perform in a full field event. This weekend is a tune up designed to ensure a successful outcome. 3) Compete in a major. Doesn’t have to win but can not go through the motions. I will watch this week with zero expectations because he is so far removed.



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  6. I sure am. And I hope it’s a new beginning for him and we get to see more great golf from him on occasion. I wouldn’t put a bet on him making top 10 anytime in the next couple years, but if he can keep from hurting himself anymore, and stay out of trouble in the rest of his life, then the only thing stopping him besides all the other great golfers out there is himself.

    That said, I used to root for David Duval when he was up against Tiger and I’m not sure I’ll be rooting for Tiger when he’s playing against some of our newer hero’s. But I will certainly enjoy watching the action if they bring their “A” games.

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