82% Await the Return of Tiger Woods

I generally do not write on the same topic two days in a row unless it is a series. However, the return of Tiger Woods is growing in interest….for most. I ran a quick poll yesterday and I wanted to share the results.

According to the results, Tiger Woods does have some star power left. I suppose we are not surprised, yet, I think I still might be. Here is what you said:

82% responded positively to Tiger’s return. Surprisingly, no one appeared disappointed to see he is heading back to the links. As I stated yesterday, it will interesting to hear what the pundits have to say.

Good Luck Tiger!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

3 thoughts on “82% Await the Return of Tiger Woods

  1. I think the Establishment press, is working the same as it did in the Election. They are drumming up interest, whether the figures are true or not we will probably never know. I like Tiger, his status in golf will never diminish, but I do wonder when he makes statements, like this week, that he will easily beat the 18 Majors of Jack Nicklaus.

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