The Science of Golf

Science is the core factor to innovative changes to new golf equipment or at least to manufacturers. Personally, I do not understand most of the physics behind golf, but I can appreciate that science is important to playing great golf.

Bryson DeChambeau has taken ‘the science of golf’ to a new level. A recent US Amateur Champion and low amateur at the 2016 Masters, DeChambeau is also a “mad scientist of sorts”.

I stumbled across these two videos I thought were very informative. Science is playing a significant role in golf, but being able to explain it….

And a discussion about his new putting style aka Seven Days in Utopia!

I guess the proof is in the results!

Bryson DeChambeau is bringing a new dimension to golf. He is actually applying science to his game and understands why. I guess the next couple of years will determine if he is found the holy grail or just eccentric! Which he becomes depends on if he wins or not!

Do you think science plays an important role in your golf game? Do you understand it?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “The Science of Golf

  1. Hi Jim,

    You may not have seen my blog from July titled The Golfing Scientist – I had the pleasure of spending time with Bryson at the Canadian Open this year and had a great chat about golf and science. it all makes complete sense and he is also a wonderful ambassador for the game as I also watched him run a junior clinic.
    I love his science chat.



  2. The game of golf is richer for the presence of characters like de Chambeau and he brings an interesting dimension to it. I’m more about feel than science in my own game; there is certainly science involved but I don’t understand much of it! Cheers, Rob.

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