Training in the Off-Season

Training in the golf off-season is a fundamental activity for any golfer. For me, it is critical to prepare for what comes next in my game. I am not a physical trainer, nor do I profess to be an expert in building training programs. I do, however, understand the importance of being physically fit for golf and life in general.

As an aging golfer (this is relative), I find that staying fit is easier than trying to get fit. I find that I recover from physical exertion faster if I stay fit. I sleep better, feel better and my general attitude remains positive if I stay physical fit. So, and I guess you figured this out by now, that training in the off-season has many benefits that transcend golf.

As the holiday season starts to creep upon us, I usually find many excuses not to train or be active. It is a challenge I face every year and this year, I am hoping to break the trend of being a couch potatoe. I do not have a training program, but I plan to do something every day, including Christmas Day. It is my intent be active and to set myself up for success in the New Year.

If you wondering why I am going on and on, there is a subtle message hidden in my diatribe. The first step to being fit is making the decision to do something. It does not have to be a major program with goals and timelines (although that cadillac solution is fine too), but it should involve some sort of activity. Go for a walk, snowshoe, stretch, or hit the gym. Anything, as long as it is something big or small every day!

It is not any more complicated than that! Doing something every day is the first step to my training program in the off-season. I am being realistic and realize that between now and after the New Year it will be difficult to stay active. So, I am choosing to set the goal of doing something, no matter how small it may seem, every day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “Training in the Off-Season

  1. I once played golf with Bill (Super Foot) Wallace. In case you don’t recognize the name, he was a martial artist years ago and was the only guy to beat Chuck Norris in the ring. His body has been beat up a bit over the years and he’s lost some of his ability to move because of it. He told me he stretches every single day to both keep what he has and to try and eke back some of what he’s lost.

    I had 6 weeks of physical therapy and a cortisone shot this year because my shoulder locked up. I’ve always thought of myself as pretty fit, but I’m not young anymore at 56. So I stretch every day now. Between the therapy, stretching, and a few months time, I have all my movement back.

    So my advice is not to wait until after you can’t. Start exercising now. Even simple easy stretching exercises do wonders for your body. And being able to make a full turn never hurt anyone on the golf course.

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  2. Jim, I have an alternate theory of the case. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, do whatever you want. Just try not to strap on the feed bag too often. After Jan 1 is when I start focusing on fitness. Just too hard over the holidays.

    More power to you if you can do it!


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  3. Hope winter is treating you well Jim. I love that image you use for your header, it’s a beautiful shot.

    I walk every day. Eyeing up the free weights in my basement…and the kettle bell!

    I’ve been officiating soccer matches all fall, and that’s been my activity. Haven’t played any golf since August 25. Hopefully more golf in 2017. But I agree with your post here. Be well!

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