Putting in your Basement


Winter Wonderland!

We golfers in the northern climes are housebound due to the crazy weather. We have to find a way to keep our game sharp and focused. Of course, without taking full swings, it becomes more difficult every day.

Over the years, I have tried different things to work on my game, but with little success. It seems I cannot simulate anything of significance in my basement. This year, I am going to try something different by focusing on the more refined aspects of my game; specifically, putting.

In the past, I spent some time putting in my basement, but not with any real focus. I have used cups, blocks of wood, or other articles as aim points, however I found it very challenging to stay focused after about 30 or 40 putts.

So this year, I am going to try to develop some drills that will improve my putting skills and mental focus with an intent for success. My experiment will not be the end all to beat all, but it will help pass the time. As I develop these drills, I will describe them and solicit your thoughts and comments.

I am hoping to describe 5 drills (average of one a month) between now and 30 April. I think this approach is realistic and achievable. Additionally, if you have any putting drills for me to try in my basement, please pass them along.

I am always looking to try new things and see if it will help my game. I think it is important to keep expanding my knowledge of my favorite game/sport and share it with other like-minded golfers. Having said that, if you have a favorite putting drill that you would like to pass on, I am all ears!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Putting in your Basement

  1. I look forward to reading more, Jim.
    My stepson used a 3′ metal ruler to ensure solid contact and alignment so the ball could travel along and not fall off before the end. For me, I like the idea of rolling a ball over a dime 50 times in a row from short distances. Simulates pressure after 40 or so.

    Yes, we need to be creative here in Canada!

    Cheers, Mike.

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  2. Jim,

    Great idea! Just because we’re inside more doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to work on our game, especially putting which can be practiced almost anywhere! Curious to find out how it goes and how much it helps you come spring.


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  3. Jim, I set this up several years ago and it was the best indoor training aid I’ve ever used for putting. Get yourself a 7 foot strip of smooth indoor-outdoor carpet that will roll a fast putt. Get a 2 ft x 2 ft x 8″ block of styrofoam padding (available at Army Navy stores or Home Depot. Get an actual golf cup. Take a knife and cut a 45 degree ramp into the block. Cut out a 4 1/4 inch hole in the styrafoam where you can sink the cup, and do the same on one end of the carpet. Lay the carpet over the hole and presto, you have an uphill putting ramp that you can drop putts into a real cup with. Putting uphill ensures you are making an aggressive stroke and if you work with this all winter, you are going to nail everything in the spring! I wish I had not thrown mine out during a past move. Will probably rebuild one for myself real soon. Good luck!


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