Did You Golf Over Christmas?

As many of you know, I live in the great white north and golfing outdoors is not an option. Having said that, I do appreciate that many of The Grateful Golfer readers can and do golf over their winter.


Enjoying the Snow!

I generally do not take a winter golfing trip and I do not have one planned for this year. However, I can see that in the next few years a vacation somewhere south to swing the clubs is a strong possibility.

Fortunately, players stilling hitting the links willingly share their experiences. They tell about their successes and how they are enjoying their time on the links. Hearing their positive stories definitely helps pass my 5 month off-season.

Each year, the prolonged layoff from golf is something I accounted for. Not playing frees up some time to pursue other hobbies and to focus on other important things in my life. Having said that, I did ask if some of my readers were playing over the Christmas holidays and I am not surprised at their response.

To those 17% who played multiple times over the holidays, well done! Your time on the links gives us northerners something positive to think about as we watch the billions of snowflakes float softly to the ground! I know the golf season is still 4 months away, but it is time to start focusing on being ready to swing my first club of 2017!

If you played over the holidays, which was your favorite course? Did your game meet your expectations? Let us share in your golfing experiences!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Did You Golf Over Christmas?

  1. I’m one of the lucky people who got to play over the Christmas weekend. In fact my luck was even better than that. First, on Friday, I received a box of Taylormade Project (a) golf balls free from GolfNow.com. On Saturday, after dropping my daughter off at her first job, I went to my home course to spend the rest of the day and when I got there, the man behind the counter handed me a cart key without charging me and said Merry Christmas. And to top it all off, I hit every single fairway during the day with my driver and though I missed the eagle putts, I made the green in two on three out of the 4 par fives on the course which was a first for me there.

    I’ve got plans to get in two more rounds this week. That will insure I played at least twice a week the entire year through. Where golf is concerned, Florida rocks.

    Here’s hoping you have a great new year Jim, and thanks for all the hard work you put in on your site.

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