Visualizing Your Shot Is A Key to Low Golf Scores

Do you know how to visualize a golf shot? If you talk to any elite player, they will tell you that they can see every shot before they attempt it. This technique is very important to low golf scores, consistent play, and effortless golf. I use this technique often, but I think I need to use it all the time to reach my goal of being a scratch golfer!

Visualization is Key to a consistent golf shot.

How does a golfer achieve a level of clarity and focus to ensure they execute the right shot at the proper time ?  I believe that each person has the ability to visualize, but it does take practice. I am sure there are plenty of videos and plans out there that can help you with your efforts to visualize, however sifting through the mountain information can be fun and frustrating. Regardless of what you choose, it will be learning process as you increase you knowledge.

Over the years, I have used the trial and error method to come up with my method of visualization. It works for me and might be of some help to you.  Of the 15 steps, only 4 constitute the act of visualizing (in red). However, the other 12 steps are required to facilitate the focused visualization I need to execute the proper golf shot. The following are the steps that I go through to visualize shots:

  1. Look at the lie of the ball;
  2. Check my yardage;
  3. Check the wind;
  4. Check the elevation of the green;
  5. Check the location of the pin;
  6. Choose my target;
  7. Select my club;
  8. Stand over my ball;
  9. Take one practice swing;
  10. Move to 3 steps behind my ball;
  11. Look at my ball – then my target;
  12. Draw a mental line from my ball to my target;
  13. Focus on the trajectory I need;
  14. Return to the ball; then
  15. Execute my shot.

The steps may seem like a long process, but all of this happens in 10 seconds or so. Steps 11 – 13 takes about 5 seconds and is the real visualization portion of my golf shot.

It is important to know that visualization is an intentional act.  For me, it is important to do my pre-shot routine because it sets me up the visualization portion of my shot. There is no question that visualizing my shot has enable me to be a single digit golfer.

Visualization is important to my game. I will endeavor to go through this process all year, but I know that if I succeed 80% of the time I will have accomplished something very substantial. Do you have a visualization process? Do you use it every time?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Visualizing Your Shot Is A Key to Low Golf Scores

  1. Jim, my routine is almost identical to yours. I’ll add a step 12a. and identify a spot six inches on the ground between my ball and target and square the clubface to that spot. It helps me because I’ll usually set up a bit closed without it. Also, when you identify a target is it ground based (the flag) or as high as possible (a tree top in line with the flag)? I use the latter. For some reason, the high target relaxes me more.



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    • Brian

      Great question, I use a flag based target. For me it is about the final resting spot. Works most of the time. Additionally, I will pick a target like a telephone pole in the distance if there is nothing closer to use. You point about a spot 6 inches in front of the ball is good, I use something 3 feet out at the edge of my vision.



  2. I will give your tips a try when I play on Wednesday. A better routine is something I am working on building anyway and this is an area I should think about more. It’s always been more of an unconscious thing for me and I know I should put more emphasis on it.
    My buddies are coming out for their first game (at least that’s their story) so I want to make sure I make them work. Or better yet, sweat. 20 more putts and I’m calling it a night.

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