I Need to Stretch, Do You?

Do I need to stretch?

Golf is a sport that relies on flexibility more than actual physical strength. Before you think I have finally gone off the deep end, I have a story that will support my view and maybe have you shaking your head in agreement. 

About a month ago I was playing a round with some friends. In our group, we had one player whose swing was long, smooth and controlled. Serge’s swing results in a long swing arc that generates tremendous power. You can just heard the loud crack as he makes contact with the ball. It is important to note that Serge’s tempo is smooth that produces a long looking swing.

After watching him play for 18 holes, I noticed Serge has a greater shoulder rotation than anyone else in the group. Seeing something about a swing that I really lime, I tried to emulate Serge’s long slow swing. The first thing I noticed is that my flexibility was poor and needed work.

After working on my flexibility for a week, I was able to rotate farther, which in turn generated more power and I was able to hit my ball under better control and farther. Conversely, after that week, life took over and I did not dedicate enough time to stretching. My gains were lost, but I know what I need to do next.

Therefore, I conclude that flexibility is critical to making positive changes to my swing. As I age, flexibility will become more important and physical strength. I will admit that being strong is important, however being like a rubber band is an area of focus I will concentrate upon.


I am a grateful golfer! See you on the likes!

12 thoughts on “I Need to Stretch, Do You?

  1. Jim,

    Stretching (and rolling) is huge for me! I do it everyday, sometimes twice a day, and sometimes on the course depending how I’m feeling. I am just worried how much I’ll need to stretch once I am a little older 😉


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  2. The intensity of a golf game just doesn’t start and end with the mental game. Golf is a sport- stretching is just the beginning of the fitness regimen needed to take on both the front and back nine. Great article- my driver’s swing path agrees with you….

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  3. HI Jim

    Is stretching really necessary? I have a friend who has a circulatory disease and he is probably the least flexible person I know with rigid hands and feet and stiff limbs yet he constantly maintains a 10 handicap, on occasion dipping into the single digit club, all with putting 2 to 3 qualifying cards in per week too.

    Actually, he is the exception to the rule, he is clearly a talented player despite his restrictions and uses what he has to his best advantage. However, I actually agree with you entirely that, for most players, adding or maintaining flexibility to their game through proper stretching can do nothing but help.

    As Mac said small guys like our PGA Champ need all the flexibility they can get to bomb it out there There are also other benefits of flexibility as well as being able to maintain your distance and enjoy your game more, it helps to prevent you from getting injured and having to temporarily miss out on your ambles down the links.

    if you are running late and have 10 minutes before your tee time and you think, ‘stretch or hit a few balls?’ what would you do? I know what I would get the most benefit from and it does not include using a little round dimpled thing..

    Swing easy!

    Paul at Team Blind Apple

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  4. I am absolutely sure you are right that flexibility is a key component. Sadly I was never very flexible, even as a young sportsman, so have to leave within my means and with a dodgy lower back. When I find the time, perhaps I should do more to encourage what flexibility I have. Good post. Cheers, Rob.

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  5. This is great advice. I whole heartedly agree. Stretching is one of the most important things you should do. It will not only help you create easy distance in your game but it will also help protect your body from injury.
    There are many exercises that can help. I do a few each week only one of which is golf specific. The others came from the physical therapists who helped me get my movement back in my left arm after suffering shoulder lock last year. The doc had told me at the time that it was the single largest type of injury golfers experience.
    The golf specific exercise I do is very simple and will give you a gauge to judge your progression. I just put a ball on the ground or pick a spot on the floor to act as the ball, then I put a club across my chest horizontally just below the top of my shoulders and I hold it there with my arms crossed over my chest. I take my stance (complete with slightly bent knee and bent a bit forward at the hips) and make a turn while keeping my spine angle. The idea is to try and make the end of the club (pool cue, stick, broom handle, or whatever you have at hand) point behind the ball at the extreme reach of the turn with your heels keeping contact with the ground. And I do it in both directions.
    I do that exercise for just a few minutes after I do the exercises the PT people had me doing for my shoulder.

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  6. That is how the smaller guys on tour like Justin Thomas create power. They are crazy flexible. I should also work on my flexibility, the only thing that saves me is my long swing arc.
    I need to stretch.

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