How Important is Your Follow Through in Golf

There are few things in golf that I consider a constant. One is keeping my head still during all of my golf swings and another is to watch my club make contact with the ball. These all seem very basic and natural to a seasoned player, but they are lessons I must relearn from time to time. Another constant for a successful golf swing is my follow through. The reason it is so important is that it is my first indicator that I have trouble with my golf swing.

Follow through is critical for a good golf swing.

My follow through must finish high at the nape of my neck; this is a constant for my golf swing. It is one of the aspects of my game I continue to focus on when I play. But, the follow through is much more important than just on regular shots. It plays a critical roll on my chips, putts and most of all, sand shots!

The follow through makes or breaks all sand shots. If there is one thing I know, espouse, and teach is that a high follow through out of the sand is the key to successful sand shots.

The challenge most amateurs have is we stab at the ball instead of swinging through the ball. This important sand technique of swinging through the ball is only accomplished by a high follow through. The follow through is what creates that professional splash we all want.

The follow through is one of the critical factors to a great golf swing. It finishes regular swings and ensures great contact on delicate shots. I constantly work on my follow through because it is one of the keys to my golf game.

How important is your follow through to your golf swing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.






6 thoughts on “How Important is Your Follow Through in Golf

  1. Jim,

    I definitely agree on the importance of a follow through, which encourages acceleration through the ball. I don’t think about it on my full swings (I guess it’s more natural on those?), but on bunker shots, chipping, pitching and putting it’s usually a good thought for me to hit good shots. Thanks for the reminder!


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  2. I certainly agree. Follow through is critical. Finish high or finish low depending on the shot type, but making sure you get all the way through is key to a good shot.

    I would be lying if I said I actually saw the club hitting the ball. My head is down and my eyes are focused on where I want the club to bottom out. That is seldom the ball though unless it’s a little chip shot or something like that. With a driver, it’s a couple of inches behind the ball. With my irons it’s just in front of the ball. But even when it used to be the ball itself, I never actually saw the strike. I never saw the club head at all. Not even a blur going by beneath me.

    That’s always made me wonder if my eyes close or something. I sure don’t notice that, but, I sure don’t see the club either. Do you? Am I missing something there?

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    • Kevin

      The club making contact with the ball is both of what you described. A blur and a spot. The point of focus, regardless of where it is, is the key point. I think this may be worthy of a post. Thanks.



  3. Great post and great topic, one I’ve been focusing on lately. You are right on about the high follow through; it is everything. All those majestic shots that soar like missiles have one thing in common: that feeling that your hands and arms are following that ball skyward.

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