My 2017 Golf Season Report Card

My 2017 golf season had many ups and downs. I have a few highlights where I exceed expectations and a few low points I would like to forget. Before I go further into some of the details, I want to say up front that I am grateful for all the golf I played and I am looking forward to 2018 all ready.

In January, I outlined the goals for 2017 and as in other years I met some and missed some. Here is what I had planned for last season:

  • Play in 4 tournaments – I played in 8
  • Win 1 tournament or more – I won 2
  • Lower my handicap index to below 2 – only reached 3.4
  • Shoot 5 eagles – made 2
  • Break Par 1 or more times – broke par 0 times (shot even par 4 times)
  • Improve my GIR stat to and average of 10 per round – 10.1 GIR per round
  • Average 30 putts or less per round over the season – missed this goal 30.5
  • Play at 50 rounds or more over the season – played close to 80
  • Play at least 5 different courses this year – Played at least 6

That was the what I want to accomplish, now this is how I plan to do it:

  • Practice for 45 minutes on average of 1.5 times a week – most of the time
  • Play an average of 3 times a week – averaged around 4 times a week
  • Play golf on average of 1 time a week with my wife – did not happen
  • Develop at least 4 new ‘short game’ drills – did not happen
  • Play golf with at least 20 different people – way more than 20

As you can see, I missed the mark on many of the more difficult goals. But, overall I would rate my season as a B+. I think if I lowered my handicap a bit lower I might have slide into the A- category, but this gives me something to aim for in 2018.

I saw some positive improvement in my competitive play which bodes well for next year. I hope to join the same, if not more events because competition does sharpen my skills. This was the first year that I played in this many events and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My three best finishes were: I won a scramble event, a stroke event and finished second in a stroke event. In the rest, I was competitive except for one. So overall, I would assess my success as an A-. Winning another tournament or two would have pushed me up the scale a bit further.

My overall game was not as strong as previous years. I struggled with my driver for most of the year and with my putting on and off. I did improve my GIR (which I feel is the most important stat), but failed to take advantage of it with more birdies or eagles. Looking back, I would assess my play as a B. There was lots of room for improvement and next year I will see to it.

Well, those were my highlights of my 2017 golf season. Every year I like to look back and analyse where I can improve. It helps me shape my thoughts for next near and set some new and exciting goals.

Do you set goals for your golf season?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

9 thoughts on “My 2017 Golf Season Report Card

  1. Congratulations on a good season Jim, very impressive. I noticed that one of your goals was to “Lower my handicap index to below 2.” I thought you were on a quest to get to scratch, or is that your goal for next year.


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  2. Looks like you have a lot to be pleased with at the end of your golf season. Interesting that you set very specific goals – I can see how that is probably more motivating and more measurable than the vaguer targets that people like myself generally set ourselves! Cheers, Rob.

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