Gary Woodland Leads The Way at the PGA Championship

The first round of the 100th PGA Championship did not reveal any surprises. Gary Woodland is leading and has one win on tour this year, but he is a bit of a surprise. He is a journeyman player and had a great round. It will be interesting to see if he can put together three more.

I had indicated before that one of the top 15 in the world will win and I stick by that assessment. Bellerive is beautiful, lush, and long, but nothing dangerous about it; as such, I found the scores on par with any other professional event outside of the other Majors. I am sure that there was some stellar golf being played, but I did not get the feel that excitement of Major golf. Am I missing something?

There are big names at the top of the leaderboard, which was expected. Rickie Fowler is in second place, but he always plays well at the PGA Championship. This might be his chance at his first Major. With many other top players in the hunt, it is way to early to make any prediction, I think I will wait to see who makes the cut first.

I am not a Tiger Woods fan, but I was impressed by his even par finish. Falling 3 down after 3 holes and grinding it out is a great lesson for all players. We have all played rounds where we have shot poorly on the first few holes and then the switched changes; next thing we know we are playing great golf. Tiger provides a great example of never quitting; unfortunately I do not think he will break the top ten this year at the PGA Championship.

The 100th PGA Championship is supposed to be an exciting event. Some how I do not get that feel. It feels like that player who talks about greatness and we expect them to take the next step towards being an élite player, but never really lives up to the hype. I cannot really put my finger on it, but something is missing. Am I crazy? If I am, please help me out here.

Regardless, I am going to watch the action as best I can (I have to watch it on the PGA’s app and it does not work all the time) and see if my opinion changes. Do not get me wrong, as an avid golfer I am excited to watch today’s events, it is golf! I expect we will see some great action and I hope it centres around Rory McIlroy (shameless plug for my pick to win this weekend)!

What are your thoughts about the 100th PGA Championship?

2 thoughts on “Gary Woodland Leads The Way at the PGA Championship

  1. Hi Jim,
    well round 2 got suspended but Gary is still there, and talking confidently. Rory has a long way to go to catch up, but will have to play a round a half tomorrow. It will be tough on all those players who did not complete the second round today. Dustin is there and he can not be ruled out, he has finished his second round and has only to concentrate on the third, I expect him to be on top of the leaderboard after 54.



    • Pete

      You are absolutely right. I under estimated Woodland for sure and DJ is in the hunt. Rory is stumbling a bit and the first 11 holes today will make or break his round. If he is 4 under after round two, he might have a chance.

      Cheers Jim


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