The Players Championship – Using The Texas Wedge

Using the Texas wedge was the club of choice for players just short of the second green. I watched Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm and Sergio Garcia hit varying distances. Johnson and Garcia walked away with birdies and Rahm with par. But, all got up and down. As I watched the as much coverage as I could, It seemed that the Texas wedge was a great option… I generally do not use; but maybe I should.

Ben Hogan and Lee Trevino, both native Texans, were famous purveyors of the ploy. With the advent of hybrid clubs, which are quite handy around the greens, the Texas wedge is used less often these days. Still, it’s a nice weapon to have at your disposal if you’re not comfortable using a hybrid for chip shots.

Michael Breed provided a great tip on using this shot. Here is what he says:

I have thought about this type of shot before by using a hybrid. And if you look up which club to use, there is no convention. My thoughts about using a putter are: if you are comfortable hitting your putter, then use it. If not, use a hybrid. Regardless of which club selected, it is important to be aggressive through the ball to ensure that the terrain does not grab your ball and remove all its speed.

Additionally, I like Breed’s point about the terrain you are crossing when selecting the right club. This is something many amateurs over look because they always use the same club from a specific distance regardless of the ground looks like. This is an issue and one that I continue to work on throughout my golf season.

Of course it is crazy to think that the Texas wedge should always be used. The conditions and situation drive that decision. I generally default to a 7 iron to bump and run my ball, but as I watch the professionals use their putter, it might be time to rethink my approach.

Do you use a Texas wedge? If not, what is your bump and run club?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

8 thoughts on “The Players Championship – Using The Texas Wedge

  1. I never did in the past, but I started to finally last year and have been encouraged by the results. But it is essential to pay attention to the grass. Anything that might cause the ball to bounce too much makes that choice of club one I will not take. But if you have the right conditions it really does help get the ball closer to the hole on average and has brought me a xouple of extra birdies I think.

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  2. Jim, I will take the putter from off the green but only with the grain and if there are no obstacles to carry. Don’t think I’d be comfortable taking it as far from the surface as Breed did in the video, and would probably default to one of my other chipping clubs.




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