Hitting A Cold Golf Ball

Hitting a cold golf ball is never fun. The vibrations continuously reverberate up the shaft of the club into our hands, wrists and elbows. After 60 or so swings, my joints become annoyed and they want a rest. Of course, this does not stop me from going out the next day in the cool temperatures, but it is something I am aware of and try to prevent. My efforts to reduce the impact of these vibrations are the main reason I rarely injure myself in the fall.

My solution is very simple. I keep my joints warm as much as possible. I ensure that my arms are covered down to my wrists and I have gloves or mitts to cover my hand and wrists. Not surprisingly, the weak aspect of my plan is at the wrists. Hence, the attempt to cover them with sleeves and gloves.

Keeping everything warm is definitely the key. I know from experience that if I do not follow my plan at the start of the each round, then by hole three I really feel each contact and miss hit. The continued hammering of my joints by hitting a cold ball does negatively affect my golf game by reduced distances and poor accuracy. So keeping warm is an important key to my success in the fall.

To keep warm, I dress in layers (as previously discussed). I wear a tighter layer closer to my skin and looser layers as I move outward. I will not play if I have to wear more than 3 layers because it is akin to trying to swing a golf club while wearing a winter parka. For those not familiar with this analogy, wrap yourself in a duvet or large blanket because it amounts to the same thing.

Additionally, I change golf balls. I switch to a Wilson 50 with a lower compression. My normal ball (Pro V1 or Pro V1x (at least for this year)) becomes too hard to hit and I loose even more distance from hitting a rock like ball. There does need to be a certain temperature for me use these higher quality golf balls and fall temperatures do not provide the environment I need for my game.

Hitting a cold golf ball is not really that much fun. It can cause injuries if I do not take preventative measures. Regardless, I will continue to hit cold golf balls because if I do not, my golf season ends a month earlier and this is unacceptable.

Do you take preventative measures when hitting a cold golf ball?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “Hitting A Cold Golf Ball

  1. I play so seldom in the kind of cold it takes to make a golf balls feel change that I can’t really offer any personal insight on the subject. It’s been years since any weather cold enough to worry about the ball has hit this area. But I like the Wilson 50 even in 90 degree heat. Right now though, I’m using Wilson’s cheapest and possibly hardest ball and that’s what I used to shoot my first under par round this summer. I really haven’t found any benefit with balls like the pro v.

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