Why Do You Read/Write Golf Blogs

I often wonder why golfers read or write about golf. There seems to be an innate need to speak out, gain knowledge and discussion their passion. You all know my story, if not you can read my About Me page for more, and you know what drives me to discuss all things golf. But, what drives golfers to seek out golf information on a daily basis. It is not that I am completely oblivious, but as producer of daily golfing topics, it is challenging sometimes to come up with a topic.

Hello Windsor!

When Windsor was visiting, he often sat on the chaise as I wrote articles. He provided some inspiration about the topics, but alas he is gone home with my daughter. Funny, I would often talk to him and then topics would pop into my head and I would set to writing.

As a sole contributor to The Grateful Golfer, finding topics that will interest the readers can be challenging. I seek metrics to use to find topics and this is what I found. There is nothing specific or driving that the readers seem to continually follow.

I know that many readers like the infographics. The response is great and it will be something I will continue produce. I guess it is quick and easy to absorb and it allows many readers who are surfing the net to get in and out of a website without having to delve deeper into may of the articles.

I know that many readers like to talk about the Majors. It seems that if I engage about these professional events, many readers like to add comments to the thread. I have not predicted any winners in 2020, but I think I will for the Masters this week.

I appears that tips are a semi-popular topic at The Grateful Golfer. I understand that I am not a professional and do not make any over-the-top claims on how to fix their golf game, so this topic might now garner the same interest as other writers. I do, however, like to try to write relatable information so amateurs can understand that even low handicap players struggle with their game from time to time.

Lastly, I just muse about golf sometimes and from time to time these musings gain a bit of traction for discussion. Most do not, but that is okay because it feels good to share my thoughts in the hopes that it helps someone.

In 2020, The Grateful Golfer has grown in popularity. Maybe because the golf industry has experienced great growth, but I cannot make the correlation with any certainty. I do know that I am on track for the most visitors in one year and yet I still do not know what topics create the greatest interests.

Additionally, I have not monetized my blog and lately I have experienced an uptake of people/organizations offering money to be on my site. I do write truthful reviews if I am gifted a product, but I do not write for money. It is not what my blog is about and continue to decline their polite offers.

Well, today is another example of my musings about writing/reading about golf. I am no further ahead about understanding why golfers read golf blogs. Given my current successes, I will continue doing what I am doing and we shall see where it ends up. Regardless, I enjoy writing and it helps in many aspects of my life on and off the golf course.


I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


10 thoughts on “Why Do You Read/Write Golf Blogs

  1. I have been amazed at how often you came up with topics. and very interesting ones! Keep up the good work.
    I can compare your blogs to the conversation one would have with their foursome during a round or afterwards while grabbing lunch, just sitting around chewing the fat, talking about how you would lineup a scramble, or the longest putt made. Golf subjects s that the magazines don’t write about.

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    • My husband and I golf whenever we can. With 5 grandchildren, it is sometimes hard to fit in what we love to do, golf. I started golfing late in life, age 42. My husband started at the age of 30. When I got the golfing bug, I really got it bad. We bought different training aids after training aids now collecting dust in the garage. But I never took the time to read blogs about golfing. I don’t think I ever thought about it. Now after 15 years of golfing, retirement from the Navy of 29 years, and opening up an online golf store, I am all over the internet looking for what golfers are saying about golf products. Not only am I finding out from bloggers like you and others what works and doesn’t but I am learning to love the game of golf all over again.
      I started playing golf because I wanted to share the experience with my husband of 36 years. My father golfed, my older brother and sister golf so why not? I gave it a chance. We have played beautiful courses with the most breath taking views and have wonderful memories.
      So how does my story relate to your blog? Well, to me your blog on why do you read/write golf blogs just made me realize how much we all love golf and like Steve 1262 said, your blogs are like conversations that my family and I have. Each week my sister, brother and I call each other and talk about a week of golf. They get more golf in that we do, but I love to hear their stories.
      So don’t ever stop writing. I just found your blog and it made me smile. Isn’t that is what it is all about!


      • Robin,

        Welcome to the Grateful Golfer. Thank you for 29 years of service; I just retired from the Canadian Military after 36 years. It is a small world. Thank you for the kind words and sharing your golfing story. I was a very good read! Have a great day.

        Cheers Jim


  2. In my mind, this blog is your daily journal and golf is a big part of your life. While I enjoy your daily musings, I wouldn’t lose interest if you took a day off to gather your thoughts.

    The beauty of this blog is your passion and enjoyment of a game which I also love. Please don’t ever feel pressured to entertain or inform. Just keep being the Grateful Golfer!

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  3. Jim, your ability to think of ideas for content, and not be redundant, on a daily basis is incredible. I enjoy your mix of topicality, particularly points on what works for you on the golf course. You mentioned a putting tip in a recent post about the tension you feel in your right tricep. Never heard that one but I tried that out and bingo! Am giving it a great roll now. Thank you!

    I write for two reasons. I miss teaching and found blogging as a way to dump all the instructional thoughts i had learned through the years on paper. Second, I’ve been in the quality assurance business for a long time and have an innate ability to observe and detect problems, and recommend solutions. Golf is my passion and I enjoy discussing the industry from a macro or micro perspective.

    Just FYI, my readers seem to gravitate most to articles about travel, course reviews, and ones that contain lots of photos.

    Keep up the great work!


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    • Brian

      Thanks for the kind words. And for sharing what works for your writing. The last two jobs I had before I retired from the Canadian military were intelligence and lessons learned. Both required analysis to draw conclusions. I can see, after your comment about your job, how golf fits well into my thinking. 🙂

      Cheers Jim

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