Putting Woes That Sting

Putting can be the toughest challenge during any round. The speed of the greens, pin location, and our putting stroke are all factors that can turn a great ball striking day into a disastrous round. Some times how we putt is out of our control because of outside factors, yet sometimes we just putt poorly. I have played many rounds of golf in my day and as a result, I have racked up the strokes on just one hole. As discussed in earlier posts, three putts are the worst, putting more than that is down right devastating. And yet it happens!

I attempted to ask the question about the maximum number of putts a player made on just one hole. I had a variety of responses that indicated that putting can be very tough. Here is what you had to say:

I am trying to think back in my golfing journey and I think a 4 putt was the most. But, for full disclosure I probably picked up after 4 putts anyway. In recent years, say the last 20, four putts would be the maximum for sure. It rarely happens, but has happened.

I have played in a 54 hole tournament about 12 years ago and putted off the green 7 times during the event. The greens were lightning fast and some were severely sloped. Thinking back, I played the holes very poorly and should have played more defensively. I do remember shooting 80 each day on the first two days with 5 three putts. It was not pretty, but I was not the only one.

Of course there is poor Ernie Els and his six putt. But what about Rory McIlroy 4 putting two days in a row at the BMW Championship.

Poor putting on a hole or two happens to everyone. I do not have anything to say that will help these potholes that will help. I know I become very frustrated and it does take a hole or two get myself back on track…..if I even recover. Then the dreaded putting yips try to leap to the forefront of my game and those I try to beat back with a whip and chair. Unfortunately, once I mentally lose focus when putting, it is a severe challenge to recover.

On a side note, here is a great video about putting routine that I think is worth sharing. I use a very similar technique and find it very successful. I particularly like the point of having a putting routine and following it all the time. This is very important to avoiding the yips.

I hope you never experience anything more than a two putt. We know that is hope is unlikely, but at least is helps set a goal for future rounds. Regardless of how well you putt, remember to have fun and play well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Putting Woes That Sting

  1. Hi Jim,
    nice topic on putting. Just lately there has been some discussion about players, with long putters clamping the putter to the inside of their forearm. To make matters even worse they turn the putter grip so that the flat face of the grip is against their forearm, keeping the putter face square. Do you believe that this should be assessed as anchoring?
    Cheers Pete

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  2. Jim, was wondering why I haven’t seen one of your posts in a while. I have been struggling with my putter for at least three to four years now and I have experienced the yipes really bad. It was so bad a few year ago I thought about purposely missing the green so I could chip rather than putt. My putting woes started about four years ago now when I tired a putting aid (Inside down the line putting guide) which changed my natural stroke. When my putting went south, I tried changing putters, putter grips, etc. This winter I practiced and followed some of the “ideas” from Cameron Strachan who promotes automatic golf. His recommendations and drills help for sure. I understand what he us talking about as I feel automatic when I hit driver and I anymore trying to implement that sense/approach into my putting. I am making progress. This winter I went for a putter fitting and ultimately I was told my issue was operator error not equipment failure!🤪 Frankly I knew that before I went; he just confirmed it! I still like to play in competitive tournaments and with a better mental approach to my putting I hope to see better results this summer (if we ever get back to having tournaments). Happiness is a long walk with a putter! Especially when the putter is working!

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    • Colin,

      Great to hear from you! I qrote everyday, so I am not sure why you were not receiving my posts.

      It sounds like you are really struggling with your putter. I wish I was there to help. Sounds like you are on the road to lower golf scores.

      Stay date my friend!

      Cheers Jim


  3. Jim, back in the 1980’s, I five-putted in a tournament. Totally devastating. I lost complete confidence in myself and the guy caddying for me that day also was affected. When your caddy no longer has your back it’s a pretty lonely feeling. Normally, you want to file away the good shots as memories but this one stuck around. 😟



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  4. I missed the poll. I guess I haven’t been on twitter in a while. Not unhappy about that. I am unhappy to report though that my new highest number is now 5. I told the story here not long ago. Super fast greens, and I wasn’t putting the ball in great places. Plus a few of those you might think unfair. One in particular happened to be where I 5 putted of course. And on a day with everything else was working pretty good. Especially the driver.

    I’ve learned a lot about putting in the last few years. My own putting. I’ve spent many hours in the evening testing myself with two different types of putters. Many different grips. Thousands and thousands of putts.

    The most important things I found was that something that works at home won’t necessarily work on the course. Practice putting should be done with your golf shoes or something close to them on, not barefoot. Other than that, you’re on your own. lol

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