Osprey Links Match Play Championships

It is that time again for the Osprey Links Stroke and Net Match Play Championships to start. This is the second time I volunteered to run these events on behalf of Osprey Links. I volunteered to be the chairperson of the 2021 Osprey Links Match Play Championships. Like two years past (last year we did not run this event due to COVID), I offered to help lighten the administrative load of the awesome Osprey Links staff by spearheading the member’s only Stroke and Net Match Play events. The winner of each event receives a parking spot adjacent to the clubhouse. In addition to the parking spots, each winner of a match wins a sleeve of balls from the golf course.

Scheduled to start last Wednesday, I sent out the emails telling which players are scheduled for the first round. As a step into the 21st century and to be compliant to the COVID protocols, Jeff Rogerson and I decided that all administrative aspect of this year’s events will be digital. To meet this goal, I volunteered to host the draw, rules and general admin on my website. I have already made a couple of mistakes, but they have been rectified and I ready to move on.

You can see what I have posted by hovering over the ‘Osprey Links Match Play’ above and head to the various sub pages. The effort to set everything up is not really difficult, but like all new things takes a bit of planning and patience. Regardless, I think it is fun and I am having a great time.

Additionally, I think that it is important for members of a golf course to volunteer during various events. This is my way of saying thanks and giving back to the Osprey Links Team for their tireless dedication to making golfing experiences each year memorable.

A good lesson on how to win at Match Play.

As decided last year, but never implemented due to COVID, the Net Match Play Event is only open to members with an official handicap index issued by Golf Canada/GAO. Draw was be determined by handicap. This is a new initiative of having an official handicap has resulted in reduced numbers, but hopefully things will change next year when people understand that being a member of Golf Canada is more than just for a handicap. For more details on the benefits of a Golf Canada Membership, check it out here.

I have yet to win either sides of this tournament at Osprey Links. I have won a few events in the past at different courses, but that was history. It is now time for me to focus on playing in the present. My first match is on Saturday against Dan Malette. Dan and I have played in Men’s Night a few times, so this match should be great fun. I will let you know how things go.

Until then, keep checking back at the draws to see how everyone is doing.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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