On To The Semi Finals Of The Osprey Links Stroke Match Play Competition

From the title of the article, I guess you figured out that I won my match yesterday. After playing 18 holes with hickory sticks, I played another 18 holes against Scott. Steve and Dan, Scott’s friends (and now my friends) joined us to round out our group. These young players have strong developing games in addition to being great company during our round. There were some great shots, some not so great shots, and some forgettable shots. However, the company was fantastic, the weather was gorgeous and the course was in fantastic condition. Overall, it was a great round and I had a great time.

As our round progressed, it became evident that I needed to stay focused in order to win the match. I felt I was the stronger player, but such feelings have deceived me in the past and I was not going to let my guard down.. Scott is a very good ball striker and very meticulous when lining up a shot. He maintains the same pre-shot routine and this valuable skill will benefit is game as it evolves over the years. Scott hit some very clutch approach shots and kept him in the match for most of the day. Every time I thought I was about to close him out, he would make a solid shot to turn the momentum of the match. I built a 3 up lead after nine, but was not able to close him out until the 16th hole. Overall, it was a fun match that with a few bounces going Scott’s way, the results could have been different

I would be remise not to discuss Steve and Dan for just a bit. Steve was a long ball hitter. We discussed many aspects of how to improve our games, which he was enthusiastic to discuss. He scored many pars and used his distance to his advantage. His short game was strong and his putting was consistent. As he continues to work his game, I can see him being a strong player in the future.

Dan’s game was a bit different. He can hit the long ball, make accurate approach shots and putt very well. I am not sure how long he has been playing, but he is in the development stages of his game. He has the makings of a good player like Steve and Scott, he just needs a bit more time to refine his game.

My game was working well yesterday. I hit enough good shots to win the match. I was hitting more greens in regulation and was in the fairway for most of the day. I think that playing with hickory sticks before my match help me realign my tempo and that helped me play better golf. It was great to feel my game come back and unfortunately for Scott, it was during our match.

I had a great time playing yesterday and I want to thank Scott, Steve, and Dan for a great game. As I have said in the past, golf is a contact sport. Making contact with them greatly improved my day.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “On To The Semi Finals Of The Osprey Links Stroke Match Play Competition

  1. Hi Jim,
    It was a pleasure playing with you. Takes the sting out of the loss a bit if you can say you lost to the champion, so I’m counting on you to take the whole thing!


  2. That could easily of gone the other way. Good job. The round with hickory sticks might very well have helped with tempo, but it could also have left you tired at the end of the second round. Glad it worked out for you.

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