Golf Tips for Beginners

My experience with golfers taking the game up for the first time or players who only play a few times a year is that they may not understand the basic tenets of hitting a golf ball. There are so many videos out there that it is hard to discern what is important and what is above their current skill level. Alas, look no further for I have found a video that will set you on the right path to success. Actually, Kevin sent me the link and I thought it was worth sharing, thanks Kevin.

I could go on about what the importance of many of the tips provided in this video, but I think it is important that you hear it from an expert:

Hitting irons well is sometimes a challenge to accomplish. The tips in the above video are exactly what beginners (and sometimes experienced players like myself) need to learn or relearn. Take what you need and keep the rest for the future.

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links.


2 thoughts on “Golf Tips for Beginners

  1. Jim, of the three, love the first one but am not a fan of the third. Trying to hold the angle to build lag is an invitation to hosel rockets because lag cannot be a forced action. Lag is a reaction to what has come before it, which is a swing correctly generated from the ground up. IMO, a better drill to build lag is to hold the club softly and start the backswing from the impact position (hands well ahead and shoulders and hips opened towards the target. Then hit the little punch with a 7-iron returning to the impact position. Got to remove focus on the hands as much as possible.

    Thanks for sharing!


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    • Brian,

      Interestingly, all the tips need to be modified or adjusted to match the players abilities (physical and mental) I have worked at creating lag and it is a bit of a challenge for me since my swing is really grooved. However, the concept of creating lag is important and not overlooked as beginners start to develop their own unique swing. Thanks for your comment, it adds value to the overall aspect of learning to play golf.

      Cheers Jim

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