Finding The Right Club…..

Over the past nine years, I have tried to share as much information, tips, and stories in order to help others decrease their learning curve. I understand that I have repeated myself from time to time, but generally that was because the topic was important and usually fit into my current game. With all the writing about how things could be attempted/executed, there is one core fundamental that all golfers must develop; each player must find the right club to use during the plethora of shots during every round of golf.

The bottom line is that every golfer, including myself, must take ownership of their game and practice if they desire to play better golf. The degree of success depends on each player and as such will drive their effort put forth to improve. Regardless of the end state, each player needs to develop their own unique style of play. Every player is different and as such needs to find what club works for them in what situation.

17th hole at Osprey Links

For example, the 17th hole at Osprey Links is a challenging par three, especially if the wind is blowing from left to right. After years of playing off the white tees, I know that if the pin is on the front, my club is a 7-iron. If the pin is at the back, my club selection is a 6-iron. In the past, I would use my range finder to find the exact distance and try to hit the ball to the pin. I have used everything from an 8-iron to 5-iron. My club selection was all over the place until one day I decided to stick with my 7/6 iron strategy. Through trial and error and practice, I have developed the perfect plan for my game. As it turns out, the other regulars in my group are following my lead.

Over the years, I have tried every club in my bag short of the woods to hit balls around the green. As it turns out, my 7-iron has proven to be the most successful. It works very well in my short game and I know that is a go-to club. If you have read my blog before, you will know that trail and error has been a process I use from time to time and picking the right club for specific shots is definitely a process that has worked for me.

Lastly, every player develops preferences for various shots. When your preferences become so engrained that a golfer will not change clubs to meet the situation, then indicates to me that they are satisfied with their game and things will start to plateau. They begin to overlook possibilities and stay rigid in their decision making. They are not using the right club at the right time because they are fixated on one type of shot for every situation. Or they have not taken the time to practice different clubs to ensure their focus on the one club is holding their game back. Therefore, I suggest having an open mind to club selection and practice many different possibilities. It is really up to you.

I am a grateful! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Finding The Right Club…..

  1. I use wider margins than most I know for club choices. But I get to practice on the course more than most and I really did take that advice from Annika about hitting 3 clubs to the same distance to heart. And practicing that on the course allows me to gain the confidence that the work on the range was worth the time.

    That has helped me become a little better at the game I’m sure. The past few days my whole game wasn’t quite there, but I played fairly well anyway. When things start going wrong I have lots of options and I use them. My full swing on Sunday was what seemed best and had my putting been better, I’d have broke 80 instead of shooting it. I learned from a couple mistakes early in the round and stopped thinking my touch would be there and compensated by choosing shots where I could just swing full and get on. Today, the full swing wasn’t working and I switched right back over to partial swings with bigger clubs to do the job and birdies started appearing like magic.

    What’s working today is the key. You can’t really fight it. You have to play it.

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