Visualizing The Perfect Golf Shot

Every golf shot has a perfect result that any player can produce. Of course, the stronger the player, the chances of producing this result is increased. Before any contact is made, each player likely goes through a pre-shot routine that should include visualization. The practice of mentally seeing your golf shot shot is a very important step to lowering your golf scores. This technique connects your mental and physical aspects of your golf swing which in turn produces consistent results we are all searching for each time we hit the links.

To be fair, I will say that I do not always, 100% of the time, visualize my golf shot. I do know that when I get out of the routine of visualizing in my pre-shot routine, I have a poorer scoring round and I am left a bit more frustrated than normal. However, there are rounds when I am out to just hit the ball and enjoy my surroundings, so I have a tendency to omit some of my pre-shot routine steps. This is all good because it is intentional.

Back to visualization. I found a very good video that explains the reasons, act, and results expected from visualization. It is one of the best I have watched, “Dr. Alison Curdt, PGA/LPGA Master professional discusses why to use visualization in your golf game and how to practice visualization to get better. This element can be added into your pre-shot routine to improve performance.”

Dr Curdt sums up what I do when focusing on my round of golf. After thinking about my game prior to my match yesterday, I did came to the conclusion that I focus (visualize) more when hitting my driver and putting, by habit, but seem to wander some when hitting from the fairway. Thought I would change that situation because why not use what is working, right? In fact, I used it on every shot yesterday during my round with great results.

I have talked about visualization many times on The Grateful Golfer. I keep coming back to this topic because it is one of my favourite topics. Also, I have to add this one last video because it encapsulates the power of visualization:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Visualizing The Perfect Golf Shot

  1. I should maybe try a little harder to visualize the shot. I tend to plan the shot. I practice the moves I need to make the shot in my practice swing, but I don’t visualize me taking the swing or the flight of the ball to the hole. I rely on the practice swing to get me started right and I focus on my target. I haven’t found my Bagger Vance led insight yet.

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