The Home Match Between Mattawa and Osprey Links

As I have written last week, the second leg of the home and home between Mattawa and Osprey Links was played at Osprey Links last Tuesday. Mark and I were fortune to play a rematch between Gary and Gerry. We had a great time the first round in Mattawa and nothing changed during our second round at Osprey Links. With Osprey down 7 points to 5 heading into the second round, we figured that home course advantage would work in our favour; and it did.

After the first six holes, it was apparent that Gary and Gerry were in for a long day. Mark and I went up four after six holes by making three putts over 20 feet. Actually, on the front nine I made four putts over 20 feet for birdie, with the longest being 35 feet. My putter was on fire all day and our opponents could not answer our continuous onslaught of great play during the first round. Before you think I carried the our team, that is definitely not what happened. Mark was a great set up player for all shots and when one of us missed on the front nine, the other was in play.

Gerry, Jim, Gary and Mark. A great pairing where the laughs did not stop for both rounds.

To be fair to Gary and Gerry, on most holes on the front they played shot to shot against Mark and I. They were putting for birdie on 7 of the 9 holes, but our putting was the difference in the match. Mark and I finished 6 under for the front and 6 up heading into the back nine.

Mark and I stumbled coming out of the gate on the back nine. We bogeyed two of the first three holes by were still even. Then our game came back and we birded four of the last six holes. Our putting was still on fire, but it was Mark that was leading the way; I actually only putted three times on the back nine. We finished with 11 birdies, two boogies (because I miss hit the ball twice) and five pars; not bad for a two person scramble.

Our good fortune was matched by the other players representing Osprey Links. The final tally was 14 points to 10 points for Osprey Links. Our team dominated on the second day because of the challenges our course poses to players unfamiliar with the terrain. The back nine is particularity difficult for players who do not hit the ball relatively straight. The Osprey Links advantage was the course and my team definitely made the most of our advantage.

The first annual Mattawa/Osprey Links home and away competition was an outstanding event. Everyone agreed that it is a must play for next year. I am not sure which time I will be playing for, but I am hoping that I will be involved on one team or the other. When events like this one are started, it always takes a few people to get things going and the organizers, Rheal and Mike, are those people. Because of their efforts, with the support of Mike Martel (Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort) and Jeff Rogerson (Osprey Links Golf Course), this event will continue to be a must attend. I am sure that when the word gets out, more players will want to participate.

As per the first round, Gerry and Gary were fantastic players to shoot a round of golf with. They kept things light and did not stress when things did nit go their way. They were great opponents and I hope we tee it up with them again this year. My partner, Mark, was top drawer. He is a consistent player whose short game really help cement a win for our team. Hopefully next year we can be partners (or opponents đŸ˜‰ ) again.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “The Home Match Between Mattawa and Osprey Links

  1. Wish my putter had worked that well today. I needed it. I played the course with nothing bigger than a 6 iron today. In the rain. And lost more strokes to rotten distance control on the soaking wet greens than the limited club selection. But thanks to a large umbrella attached to my push cart, and a little luck, I got to sit out the few minutes of hard rain under cover. The rest we played under a continual sprinkle and it was the first time in I think in months I wasn’t getting wet on the course from sweat. It felt good to be outside. And the views of the sun setting with the storm clouds were pretty spectacular to boot. All in, I’m grateful for it.

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