Staying Focused On Your Contact Point

Every golfer must perform certain, basic movements in order to maximize their swing potential. Of these, there are more important than others. Only you will know for sure which movements or non-movements are critical to hitting your ball as intended and it is part of your journey to find out. Personally, I have one that is probably the most critical to my swing and I have to use it every time I put a club in my hands.

We have talked about backswings, weight distribution, follow through and a plethora of other important swing mechanics at The Grateful Golfer. The challenge to coordinate all the moving parts of a golf swing is the magic every golfer desires. Depending on how you perform your basic swing, that magic potion might be different. For me it is simple and easily repeatable.

When I stay focused on the contact point between my club and the ball, then count to one before tracking my ball, great things happen. I am able to effortlessly complete my swing, keep my ball on its intended line, and shape the ball by staying focused on contact. This nanosecond of time is so critical to a great golf shot, I think it is often overloaded. If you think about it, that moment of time is responsible so such great results, it is amazing that we do not spend more time focused on contact.

In my case, it is important to keep my head still during contact. Believe me, this is a skill that I relearn many times during the course of a golf season. I can say with certainty, when I do keep my head still and focus on my contact point, I play my best golf. This is a fact of my game and I chastise myself when I do not follow my proven fundamentals; I am actually puzzled why I mentally fail not focusing on contact and keeping my head skill, but that is my bugbear.

Regardless if you are a beginner, professional or somewhere in between, focusing on your contact point and keeping your head still is a fundament must for great golf. I figure that if the greats believe in these tenets, I should as well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Staying Focused On Your Contact Point

  1. The way I understand it keeping our heads still is a golf myth. It doesn’t happen nor should it. That doesn’t mean your thinking is wrong. That’s based on your perceptions and perfectly fine if it works. Reality though says our heads will move. Both up and down, maybe a tiny bit side to side and certainly on a swivel. The important thing is that it happens at the right time and in the right sequence.

    You look at the ball. I choose a point on the ground where I want my club to bottom out. When taking my practice swings, that’s what happens so that what I use over the ball too. I’ve been what they call ball bound before and choosing a spot on the ground rather than a spot on the ball works for me best. Again, it’s what works best for you.

    After todays round I have to say one more thing. Don’t spend much time over the ball. Do your thinking before you take your stance and once you do, be ready to hit. Standing over the ball for long periods works for no one I’ve ever met. If something doesn’t feel right step back and think some more. I’ve seen more terrible shots made after someone stood there for a minute or more before they took their swing. They were all just giving themselves time for doubt. They weren’t helping themselves at all.

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