How To Sink More Putts

Developing a strong putting technique and honing putting skills is the ultimate stroke saver in golf. Over the years I have tried a plethora of different drills and techniques with the goal of improving my putting. Ultimately to improve our overall putting game, it comes down three areas to which I should have focused my efforts. I wish I would have understood these three areas a long time ago, but after listening to Rick Shiels, I realize I was working around the areas of importance. The only challenge I faced was not honing in on these areas earlier.

After you watched the video, the three areas of starting the ball on line, speed/distance control, and learning to read the greens seem very intuitive. Unfortunately, I should have taken all my efforts and focused on all three. The point I think that is often overlooked, is that all of these putting areas are interconnected and cannot be worked on in isolation.

Developing the center of the Venn diagram where all three skills are honed is a challenging endeavour to say least. Each can be developed individually, but when making any putt all three of these basic tenets must be followed. It does not matter where the putt is being made from, all three must be used.

In the past, I would focus mostly on reading the green and speed/distance control. I just assumed that these two would take care hitting my line. Unfortunately, I realized after much trial and error, I should have focused more on this putting basic. I have rectified my way and now feel that all three of tenets are part of my putting game. I still make mistakes, but not because I am overlooking any of the three important points recommended by Rick Shiels.

What do you think? Can putting basics be broken to just three points? Or is it more complicated?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “How To Sink More Putts

  1. I follow Rick religiously on youtube. I see that he has a few problems putting.
    I attribute that to his not having a lot of time to really look at his line and break
    due to his filming restraints. He did help me in one area, and that was getting the ball to the hole. He also reminded me to make sure that I didn’t miss the hole on the low side. To quote ” aim small, miss small”. This philosophy helped me knock 4 points off my handicap last season.

    While his teachings are invaluable, every player has to adjust their putting game to his individual needs. I see many of my club members on the practice green before a tournament trying to sink putts. Many of them would be better off if they would concentrate on speed. I would rather have a two putt green than a three or four.


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    • Mike,

      I agree that preparing for any round is more than just hitting balls at a target. The challenge I have in many cases is the practice green is not the same speed as the course. In many cases, the practice greens are better maintained because they are in the public eye. Hence the challenge of finding the right speed before play. Regardless, I do agree that prep for a round is important and requires more focus than many players believe is needed.

      Cheers Jim


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