Creating a Square Swing Path

As a general rule, I hit the ball straight. This tells me that my swing mechanics coordinated to a point where the club face is square to the golf ball on contact. Unfortunately, my swing path does deviate from time to time and if I miss the ball, I generally pull it left. This is a know error in my swing mechanics and I often work ensuring that my swing path is square to my aim line. Hence, I am always looking for simple, repeatable, and sustainable drills that provide instant feedback. I think I have found one.

Before jumping into the drill, it is important to understand that the many aspects of any golf swing are a challenge to master. I am confident that if I dissected my swing mechanics, I would find plenty of areas to work on to improve my overall consistency and accuracy. Additionally, if I really zeroed in on the different stages of my swing, I would be overwhelmed by the modifications I could make to be more successful.

Through my golf journey, I have found that a narrow focus is not always the best path to follow. Becoming caught up in the minutiae is never a good thing and so I taught myself to look the big picture of my golf swing before focusing on anything specific. The drill below does just that; it is designed to keep our golf swing square without offering a thousand little tips on how to be successful.

What I like best about this drill is that it is simple. The instant feedback of hitting one of the skewers allows me to make immediate adjustments to my swing plane. Of course after years of working on my swing, I am fairly confident on where to focus my minor adjustments. If you are just beginning, you might have to play around just a bit to figure out how to square your swing.

This drill demonstrates an important aspect of working on our golf swings. It helps us focus on the big picture and that is always a great place to start. If you are having trouble hitting the ball left or right, try this drill, I think it will help.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Creating a Square Swing Path

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  3. Drills like this are helpful in practice to set a good swing plane. I’d skip the skewers and just use tee’s. And I’d add one more on the other side of the ball to create a gate to hit through and help train hitting center face at the same time.

    Speaking of face, it’s also responsible for direction of flight. Your path can be perfect and you can still hit a pull if you close the face too much to swing path. We need to pay attention to the flight to see if that’s what we’re doing. If so, we should see a little bit of draw spin too in the flight.

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