Golf Tips From Tommy Fleetwood

If you follow golf, you likely know the name Tommy Fleetwood. He is a gentlemen play who is well respected by his peers. Additionally, he is considered one of the best players in the world and sitting at 41st in the world ranking. Regardless of all his accolades, he offers five simple, commonsense golf tips that all golfers need to know. For me, they provide reinforcement of skills and knowledge I follow whenever I pick up a golf club.

Tommy Fleetwood and Rick Shiels have inadvertently provided an overall golf plan for many golfers for the 2022 season. If we work on the five tips, then I can see our golf game going to the next level this year. Of course we will have to find drills to help with specific areas, but I think this plan is simple, manageable, and repeatable (all the aspects of any awesome golf plan or drill).

The one golden nugget for me is picking my three best shots of the round and leave my analysis with those. I will finish my golf on a positive note, allow me to be grateful to success, and strengthen my mental game for the next round. What a great idea!

If you are a beginner or an experienced player. Following Tommy Fleetwood’s five tips will set your game up for success in 2022. I know I will focus on Tommy’s advice and know that it will only improve my game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Golf Tips From Tommy Fleetwood

  1. Yeah, this is all great advice. I’m especially fond of number 4. I’ve heard “but I’m a feel player” a lot over the years but I consider myself one too and I know that knowing my distances enhances my play. It doesn’t take away from trusting feel, it reinforces it. It removes nagging little doubts that might otherwise creep in and lets you play more aggressively.

    Managed a 4 under today. My kind of golf day today. Temps in the high 60’s to start and low 70’s at the finish. A two club wind to make life tougher. And plenty of sunshine to keep me happy. And best of all a group of guys that challenged me all day. That 4 under only took two skins. One of the other guys got two as well and he shot I think the same as I did. Both the other two had a skin a piece too. So, it really was a fun day out there. A chip in eagle, a one putt eagle, and lots and lots of one putt birdies in the group. No one could run away with it today.

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