So, Tiger Woods Is Playing In The Masters

Not surprisingly, Tiger Woods has chosen The Masters to make is return to golf. Other than it is good for ratings that Woods is playing, I do not think he will be a factor on Sunday. I am not trying to be mean or controversial, I think that The Masters is hard to win when you are at 100% and Tiger is just not there. I think he will add a tremendous amount of start power to this weekends play…..not that The Masters needs a hype boost. Regardless of what I think, Tiger Woods is returning to golf this weekend and that is good for golf.

As an excited viewer of The Masters, I do have a concern about the coverage. With Tiger in the field, I do not wat to watch is every shot. I want to see the field and on the weekend, the leaders. In the past when Tiger returned from injury, he was the focal point of all coverage and it was actually quite boring. I will not mind watching a few shots of his, but if he is way down the leaderboard, the coverage should reflect it.

When watching the play over the four days, I like to focus on Amen Corner and the 18th tee shot. In my humble opinion, these four holes is where the tournament is won or lost. I realize this is not much of a stretch to make this call, however it happens to be true. As the pressure mounts through the weekend, shooting minus 1 on these critical four holes will catapult a player up the leaderboard.

I am happy that Tiger Woods is back playing golf. But, I do not what his return to overshadow the great play of the others in the field. This weekend, he is just another player.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


7 thoughts on “So, Tiger Woods Is Playing In The Masters

  1. Jim Like you, I am anticipating some one-sided tv coverage. I doubt he will last 4 days but we will be fed non-stop Tiger Tiger Tiger. I believe this latest “comeback” is another marketing play. His casual treatment of the rules and moral indiscretions should carry more weight with the press and fans.

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  2. Jim, good tournament for Tiger to make his return IF he can walk the course. Augusta puts a premium on iron play, putting, and course management. Driving is important but a little wildness won’t kill you. Prediction for Tiger?


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  3. The scuttlebutt is that he’s in fine form as far as his game is concerned. I think the only question is can his leg take the strain of those hills. If it can, then he’s going to contend. He obviously thinks he will stand a chance or he wouldn’t be there. I won’t be counting him out before the start, that’s for sure.

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