My Simple Pre-shot Routine Explained

If you do not have a pre-shot routine, I highly recommend that you adopt one. This process is unique to each golfer and the value to have a constant routine is immeasurable. It the foundation of my game where I shoot low golf scores. It helps eliminate inconsistencies born from executing our golf swing slightly different each time. For me, my pre-shot routine starts the moment I reach my ball either on the tee or the general area. My pre-shot routine is simple, duplicatable and proven to produce positive results and I am going to share the fundamentals of this process.

I could write the process of my pre-shot routine, however I have decided to use Maria Palozola from St. Louis Golf Lessons video because it sums up everything in one neat little package.

Maria explains everything perfectly. I like her point about avoiding the risk and embracing the reward when setting up each shot. As an experienced golfer, I can know this is a key point.

The only thing I would add to the video is that your target down range should be as small as possible. Only two degrees either side of an aim point can make a difference of 7 yards on either side at 200 yards. Hence, the smaller the point, the sharper the alignment of the club head, the smaller error we will experience down the fairway. (Trackman)

Having a pre-shot routine is very important important to establishing a great overall golf game. Fortunately, I learned this lesson a long time ago. The benefits definitely outweigh the frustration of establishing a pre-shot routine. Hence, my recommendation that if you do not have one, I recommend you create one.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “My Simple Pre-shot Routine Explained

  1. Aim small, miss small. A pin on a drivable par 4 is easier to hit than a wide open fairway if you don’t pick a specific target to hit at. Personally though I don’t seem to have much trouble getting my aim points from down range. Picking one closer is something I don’t do even on the greens. There I’m choosing my aim points somewhere past the where I think I’ll find the apex on a breaker or it’s dead on the pin. I like the pin in because it’s a much smaller aim point than the cup.

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