Playing Fun Golf With Success

Yesterday I hit the links with the intent of playing different formats through different holes. It was not to work on anything new, but to shake up my game and have some fun. So, I played best ball (with two balls) for the first four holes and a scramble for the last five. It was all about having fun until I started playing well, then my competitive nature kicked in. It all started on the first hole!

The first hole is a longish par 5 and with the ground drying up, it is starting to be reachable. Yesterday, I hit driver – 3 wood that resulted in my two balls being in the green side bunkers. After one good bunker shot and one poor one, I was putting for birdie. The short tap in was a no brainer, but the crappy bunker shot was 17 feet short of the hole. Low and behold, I made this putt and started off my round with two birdies. I only marked one on the scorecard, but it was very nice to finally start my round strong.

As a worked my way around the first four holes, I finished one under playing best ball. It was not overly difficult, but I did have a few lucky bounces. After four holes, I finished one under par. A pretty strong start if I do say so myself.

I had a few highlights in the last five holes. I finished two under for the scramble portion that lead to a three under overall score. My best shot was a 25 yard seven iron from just off the green. My first chip was just left and that allowed my to adjust my aim and hole my second chip in for the golf season.

After one more birdie, I felt that my game was starting to come along. Interestingly, I only birdied one of the three par 5 holes. One would think that I should score lower on these holes, but in fact, that part of my game was my weakest part. I could not get my approach shots close. During the scrambles, I thought I would take advantage hitting two balls in a row and this did work on every shot except my approach shots. As always, it is something to work on.

Overall, I had a great time playing my goofy format. I know that my score was supposed to be secondary, but three under for nine holes is not too bad. Regardless, the change in pace really helped keep my focused and grateful I hit the links yesterday!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.


2 thoughts on “Playing Fun Golf With Success

  1. They don’t call them par 5’s for nothing. You’ll be dialing in those approach shots soon enough. When we hit to the same distances again and again, we tend to get better at it.

    I had a good evening. I went to the range with just my nine iron and two balls. Did my line drill awhile and then I hit, chased, and hit again those two balls around the rough areas of the 9 hole course and back to the practice green so I can take full swings and gauge whether I’m getting the club face square at impact. Something I can’t do as well with the line drill after the first or second swing. The divots are takin on top of each other then so you have nothing except feel to go by. So I like to be able to hit some too once and while and make sure I’m not doing something else that might throw me off. Anyway, the last shots I hit were seen by a guy that was coming to use the range himself. I grabbed my two balls and gave it over to him but he kept me there for close to 20 minutes. The shots I hit weren’t that special. I was 130 out with a clean lie on top of the rough sitting pretty with a 9 iron in my hand and a clear shot. I put them both inside 20 feet of the pin and stuck them there. Nothing unusually good. Just good solid swings with nice tall flights. What you expect from easy lies like that especially after just doing the line drill. You’re pretty sure you’re hitting ball long before you get to the ground on that kind of lie then. lol Anyway, the new guy was impressed and before I knew it had me looking at his swing. lol I’m a sucker. I spent 20 minutes with him. His swing started off looking like a long putting stroke. I got him using his wrists instead of locking them down through the swing. And I gave him some ideas about the swing that were new concepts for him. Hitting ball first was one of them bless his heart. I got to practice my golf and I got to talk golf. That’s always a good evening in my book.

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    • Kevin,

      Helping out a fellow golfer “who asks” is always a good thing. I find that by explaining certain shots helps me understand my gsme better. Those 20 minutes are golden to the other person. Paying it forward is a great way to show gratitude for the game.

      Cheers Jim


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