Does Your Game Progress Over The Golf Season?

I often wondered if my golf game improves over the course of the my golf season. It is important to me to keep my game progressing, but sometimes I think that I have hit my wall of success. I am not fussed by my lack of progress, but it is important that I at least feel that my game is improving over the course of the season. As I get older, I find that even small successes are enough to keep my motivation going forward. I do understand that at 60 years old, future success will be measured in smaller and smaller increments; and I am okay with that. How about you? Would small successes be enough for you to stay motivated?

In the past I successfully used my 4-step process to improving my game. It is a proven system, but this year I find it a challenge to follow through. I might be that I am at a new course that I thought had a driving range, but the course decided not to open it this year. This decision put my season plans into a tail spin. This has happened in the past and I will survive, yet I wonder how my game will improve this year without a concrete plan to follow.

For the beginners out there, here is an overview of my improvement process:

Idea – The idea step is sometimes the hardest. Where should I start? As a 4-handicap player, this ‘something’ could be as simple as adjusting the ball position within my stance. However, to determine what needs to be changed requires research. Additionally, if you have collected stats from last year, that would a great resource not to overlook. The deliverable from this stage is to decide what to adjust; then plan to actually make the change.

Planning – This is better known as the how-to step. This is when you come up with the plan on specifically what you are going to focus on. I want to emphasize that keeping it simple is critical to success. Start with one or two areas and then plan the drills, tips or approaches that best fix your area of focus. Once completed, on to step three.

Execution – This step is as important as the first two. It is time to put your plan into action. Choosing how, when, where, and what is critical.  Should you play more than practice? Should you track your success? Regardless, taking action is the way to go. Execute your plan until you have achieved your goals and once satisfied it is time to sustain your success.

Maintenance – this is often the most overlooked step of how to complete a successful golf plan. Maintenance generally looks like your execution step, but on a smaller scale. Your successes achieved during the execution step need to be fostered.  It is important to keep building on the aspects you have fixed and not to revert to old habits at the first sign of trouble.

I am totally sure what is going to happen over the next three months. Regardless, I will keep my attitude positive and continue to look for ways to improve my game. This seems to be a ‘push’ year for my game; not sure where it will all lead, but I think I will not backslide and that is an important point for my game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Does Your Game Progress Over The Golf Season?

  1. Advancing my game at my current level without professional help is very difficult. I dream of living in Florida with unlimited access to a teaching pro. Until then it will be 3 steps forward, 2 steps back.

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  2. Several years ago, my golf journey took on a new focus. I had become bored with all the latest “innovations “ in modern golf, largely because at least in my eyes that tech in golf had got out of hand. Instead of looking for improvement through the latest and greatest toy, I chose to venture back into the history of the game and learn to play the old way with the vintage clubs and it is far more satisfying for me.

    I now find greater satisfaction trying to break 80 with clubs from the early days. I also now try to play the game as if I was playing in that era, I do not try and play the modern game. The great part is that my game as a whole has become better and it has been more fun.

    Despite having a driving range at hand, I focus on short game practice, but mostly play. Golf is fun and nothing gives me more giggles than playing with a guy with all the latest toys and giving them a run with “obsolete” equipment.

    Jim, good luck on your journey. I wish you all the best on your golf quest, whatever direction you choose to go on. I now have to get ready for my game in an hour. Today is classic Thursday, Wilson Staff irons from 1976, Powerbilt Citation woods from 1974, Bullseye putter. I love this game.

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    • Lorne,

      You are definitely becoming a purist of the game. It is great to hear that your journey is one of fun and enjoying the game. I hope you had a great game. I am looking forward to playing with hickory shafts in August. See you then.

      Cheers Jim


  3. Year over year I’ve mostly progressed, but not every year. Not every change I’ve tried led to better golf. And mostly that’s my fault. I didn’t go to a pro and tried to do it myself. And that just isn’t the best way to go.

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    • Kevin,

      You and I are on the same path. I guess we have decided that our current process works best for us. I will not close the door on seeing my local professional (and I fully support a beginner taking lessons), but for now I accept and enjoy my current processes.

      Cheers Jim


      • Yeah. My best partial solution to a pro is video. I understand the swing well enough by now that I can help myself, but I do have to watch me swing. I can’t do it by feel alone.

        At least the work on the wedges is truly paying dividends. I never left more than 5 feet to the pin with a wedge in my hand tonight. And a lot of them were inside 1 or 2. Good lies. Bad lies. 10 yards or 30. They just waltzed lazily up near the cup. The only longer putts I had where when I made the green.

        We were in a skins game. 2 groups of three. No carry overs and birdies or better required on the par 4, par or better on the par 3’s to win the skin. Of course with 6 guys, there weren’t that many skins awarded. I tied for first with just two. We played the last hole in together. Our guys were the lead group so we teed off and then waited for the other group. Both my playing partners made the green and I missed just short and 15 feet right. I was 30 feet from the hole sitting on grass that might as well have been carpet. The other guys finished 17 and only one of them made the green. I was closest among those of us who missed but one thought differently so I said, no problem, I’ll just make it and get out of your way. And it fell. That I think took the wind out of the three who had made the green and none of them made their 20 footers for eagle though all 3 came close enough to make me sweat and both the other two in the rough kind of flubbed their shots. It was quite the happy ending for me I can assure you. lol

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