How To Play Your Best Golf

Every golfer has a unique journey the is riddled with rough patches brushed over with outstanding results. It is the natural order of things there is only one way to play your best golf. Play golf like Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus or Bobby Jones; it is as simple as that. Obviously, this is an over simplification but if you can play like these legends then I tip my hat to your game. The problem that most golfers is that they try to play golf by aping a swing that they really cannot perform. I have followed that path myself until I learn a very import lesson that completely altered my approach and perspective of how to play my best golf!

When I first started playing golf in 1975, my entire process was based on trial and error. I tried to copy anyone who was a better player with any success. I sure you can visualize my many swing changes and the crazy results. It was a challenge trying to play any type of good golf, let alone my best golf. I wish someone would have offered the same advice that Tiger Woods espouses:

To play my best golf, I had to learn to firstly accept my golf swing. My body type and athletic ability back then naturally drove my golf swing in a specific direction. Once I had a foundational swing that was my own, I was able to start my journey to my best golf.

There have been many iterations to my game over the years, but they have all been based on my natural best swing. Whether I am hitting out of the sand or off the tee, my best swing is rooted in balance, control and a strong follow through.

Every player has a swing inside of them that will allow them to play their best golf. The challenge is to find it and use it as your foundation moving forward. Making adjustments is part of improving your golf game, however I would suggest that you keep Tiger’s advice at the forefront of your adjustments. If you do, then you are well on your way to playing your best golf!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


One thought on “How To Play Your Best Golf

  1. Good golf or bad, it’s better than no golf. 😂

    Even nights like this one. I got shut out. 4,3,3,& 0. I blame a combination of really bad timing and a failure to adapt to the greens for having to pay out for 10 skins.

    The guys are playing as sharp as I’ve seen them and I’m still having some directional issues with the new turn. The dreaded two way miss pops up too often still. But even with that I played solid if uninspired golf tonight. I just never managed to be the only one to birdie a hole while the others managed it fairly often in part because my short game missed it’s usual sharpness.

    My chips checked up short mostly and my putts tended to lip when I tried to be aggressive and miss short when I tried to putt by feel more. Our greens were slow and bumpy tonight. One of my personal weak areas.

    So my container of winnings shrunk dramatically. Lol That’s golf. We can’t bring our best every time and the luck won’t favor us when we need it sometimes.

    I completed right up to the end though. I birdied the last hole to save myself from losing yet another skin. 🙃 Our best golf doesn’t always come out but the way to deal with that is to shrug our shoulders and move on. It will come or it won’t but it surely won’t if we don’t let it. The more we let substandard play get under our skin the less chance good play will show up.

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