Three Driver Faults That Limit Your Distance

If you are a golfer who struggles with your driver, I know I do from time to time, it could be because you are hitting the ball too low on the clubface. I know this swing fault is something that I worked on for years. Over the past two years, I tried to force a swing change by adjusting my ball position and tilting my shoulders more on setup. All my adjustments did was create more swing challenges and poor driver contact. I went back to my old swing and realized that I was approaching my desire to improve distance off the tee all wrong. Thus, as I stated in previous articles, I reverted back to what was working and concentrated on improving what was already working. What I realized is that I was creating the conditions to hit the ball low on my driver face. I fixed my challenges on my own, but I wish I had some guidance from Christina Ricci sooner.

As I watch Ricci’s video, I realized I was making swing adjustments that forced contact low on my driver face. I positioned my ball too far forward in my stance, used the wrong shoulder tilt, and tee my ball up too low. Talk about taking a few steps backward in my game. The interesting thing is that I already knew what Ricci was talking about in her video, but disregarded it in the attempts to hit the ball longer. Ooops!

Christina Ricci is a PGA Class A, LPGA Class A, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Level 3,TPI Power L2 & Fitness L2 and best-selling golf author (four instructional books), PXG Ambassador.

The basic mistakes that amateurs make when hitting the driver too low on the club face makes complete sense to me……now. Unfortunately, I was caught up in the process and ignored what I knew to be the proper way to hit a driver.This happens sometimes when I become too focused on the results without thinking about the proper process to use. I neglect to follow my skill development plan and jump right in to fixes without thinking about the entire process. This mental error happens from time to time, but fortunately I am back where I know that my foundation of hitting a driver is correct and a great place to start if I want to go down the path (again) of increasing my driver distance. For now, I am happy with my results and embrace the distance I am hitting the ball off the tee.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Three Driver Faults That Limit Your Distance

  1. Its all about the contact. A bit high on the club face, teed up high and an inch ahead of std position yields the best results for me. The latest generation of forgiving drivers are so good on the off centre strikes that we are losing touch with the benefits of good contact .

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  2. I’m finding the right spot of the fact to make connection often enough again I think. I managed it this weekend pretty well anyway. My driver face gets wiped down after every drive and I note where I connected each time. The black face makes that especially easy to do and will even tell me how well I compressed the ball by the number of dimples I can see in the impression.

    My distance is about to get more work soon enough. My work on the turn seems to be taking shape nicely so I think it’s time to push the envelope some more and see how far I can go with it. In more ways that one. lol

    I think it time to go back to the progressively faster swing drill. That’s always done the trick in the past. I find what needs to be done doing that using the pitch to confirm or throw out options and eventually find my fastest possible new swing speed. It will help me find the right timing to make the best use of the new turn in conjunction with the rest of the swing and once found allow to do bring out my new best more often.

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