Still Learning How To Improve My Golf Game

Virtually every round of golf I play I realize how little I know about golf. There is always something that requires my attention in order to improve my score. And my round yesterday was no different. Every approach shot with my wedges went left. I did not have this problem for a long time, but alas it reared its ugly head again. My distance was fine, but I missed every green left. I am not sure why but I have a good idea. My approach leads me to ask the following: do you self-analyze your golf swing during your game?

In my case, I do self-analyze, but not too quickly. It is important not panic too quickly because of a few miss hits. I have to remain calm and approach my process with calm and focused intent. In this case, I needed to look at why I am pulling my wedges left.

The first thing I do is eliminate things I know I am doing correctly. I am not overswinging. I am not trying to muscle my shots. I am choosing the proper club for the shot. And I am selecting the proper aim point. This leaves things like my grip, club head position or ball position in my stance. Of course without actually hitting the range, my process falls a bit shot. However, that is my current lot and I have grown to live with it.

Watching the response of my ball, I have narrowed down my challenge of pulling my ball left to a closed club on address or my ball is too far forward in my stance. Either could be my challenge and I will no know until I play today. I will play particular attention to my see if my wedge challenge persists.

Consistently hitting the ball off line can be frustrating. Currently, that is my challenge, but I have a process to rectify my woes. I only need time to figure out what I am doing wrong and it will all be fixed. I will update you on my successes in a day or two.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Still Learning How To Improve My Golf Game

  1. I have the same issue with the short clubs, it took a magnetic telescoping pickup tool stuck to the club face to reveal that the face was closed at address. This closed face condition is very easy to see with a 4 iron, much harder with a wedge. With the pointer straight down the intended line the face looked open but was not.
    Its never too late to teach an old dog new tricks

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  2. I’m always analyzing. But I’m not trying to change my swing during a round unless it’s a practice round for that purpose. If my swing is off somehow rather than go looking for what it might be I prefer to double down on the basics. Check my grip, my stance, make sure I’m following my routine (especially practice swings) and keeping the decision making to before stepping to the ball. I’ll still analyze of course. I can’t stop myself from doing that. But I can store it and leave it for later. On the course, during a round, I’ve found I get my game back faster if I just get back to basics. Trying to change things mid-round has just led me down the wrong path too often. Letting it come seems to be what works for me.

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