Another Drop Shot For No Reason

Every time we hit the links, we have hopes of having the best round of our lives. It is the euphoria that all golfers feel when they have hope shining in their future. Unfortunately, as the round progresses our hope changes to trepidation when we drop a shot for no reason. There are many reasons why we drop a shot for no reason, but actually there is one core reason why we add strokes to our score and it is completely avoidable!

Many of you are thinking I am going to say that dropping stroke for no reason is purely mental. And yes, that is a possibility, but nope you would be going down the wrong path.

Focus is also not the core reason for dropping shots that I am thinking about either, but it sure it could be a reason for dropping strokes.

The core reason that I drop shots is very straight forward. I generally second guess my shot, just as I am about to execute it! A niggly feeling starts to grow and the next thing I know, I am making a poor shot after poor shot. I am dropping shots like flies and it is for no good reason. Second guessing my shot is not something I experience because of the confidence I have in my game. Unfortunately, somedays I am not as mentally strong or focused on my shots. When this occurs, I might as well pack up my clubs and head home or I can snap out of my funk and get on with my game. Regardless, second guessing my shot is not some thing I enjoy nor want to continue.

The only fix I have for second guessing my shot is to just stop doing it. I center my thoughts on my pre-shot routine and that is usually enough to change my stars. Sometimes a simple fix is the best way to go.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Another Drop Shot For No Reason

  1. Second guessing before execution should be dealt with by stepping away. The ones that get me most come while I’m swinging. Specifically it comes as I transition. All of the sudden I get the idea that I’m not giving it enough. At that point, there is no time for decisions, yet your brain makes one. How we train it to chill I have no clue. I do on occasion make that choice when it happens and maybe I should make a point of acknowledging those to possibly help encourage it. What I know is at present, I end up choosing to solve it instead too often. And that will usually cause me to pull. Its not an everyday thing, but I know that happened twice today.

    Out of 27 holes in this complex only 9 were open thanks to the rains. But those nine are in prime condition. We played 1-4 and 14-18 twice to get our round in today. On 15 and on 18 I came up short the first time around and the second time around I of course wanted better. And both times at the top I knew I wasn’t going to get it. I basically knew I was recreating the last time around. I should have allowed that. They were fine shots with a nice uphill putt for a bird attempt on 15 and a chance from right under the hole to chip in for eagle from just 8 feet away or so. why not go with that? Yet my brain chose to try and fix it anyway. And I pulled both long and left. Got a bogie for my efforts on 15 after parring it the first time, but got lucky and made a great ship to two feet for a 2nd bird on 18.

    So as you can see, I lose strokes to it too. Some days more than others. But like anything else with our brains, acknowledgement is the fist step to a solution. There is hope.

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  2. Jim, as golfers we try to use good judgement on every shot. A second guess is simply a change in judgement. We get into trouble when we don’t commit to the change. It can be debated if the first or second impression is usually correct but you’ll have a better chance at a successful outcome if you fully commit.

    A guy I used to play with had a great saying for folks who would hem and haw over putts. “Pick a lip and hit it.” I still abide by those words of wisdom.



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    • Brian,

      “Pick a lip and hit it” is a great saying. Sometimes I think the changing of my mind is my internal senses telling me I made the wrong choice, but I am too stubborn to change. If only I knew all the answers golf would be easy…..I think. 😉

      Cheers Jim

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