Putting Fundamentals: Not Just For Beginners

Every golfer uses the putter more than any other club in their bag. If you are not sure this is the truth, I am confident that if you analyze your last round of golf, my statement will prove correct. Knowing this, I often wonder why players do not spend more time working on their fundamentals of putting. Over the years, I have spent many hours perfecting my putting stroke. It is unique and works for my game. If you have not taken the time to cement your putting stroke, I suggest you do because it is a stroke saver. Having said that, there are some fundamentals that most player should know and adopt to improve their flat stick play.

I have talked about many putting fundamentals over the years and they are all true today. Nothing profound has happened for hundreds of years with respect to how to putt because the basics have not changed.

First we need to understand how to control line and distance. Yes, there debates over speed vs line, but that is not what I mean in this case. Basically, we are trying to control the putter face so it is square to our intended line of putting. While simultaneously determining how far to putt the ball. Both are interdependent and require equal focus when practicing.

Set up is very important. Regardless of how you stand over the ball, creating a neutral-ish position to facilitate a swing that supports your alignment is important. If you watch professional golfers putt, they spend a great deal of time during the setup phase of their putting stroke in order to support where their ball is being struck. Balance over the ball is a key factor in my putting stroke.

One point in the video below about grip is very important. I use a standard putting grip. I always have; although I have experimented over the years with different grips, but have not found any that was better than what I use already. This part of any putting stroke is very personal and I recommend you experiment as well.

The following is a basic video that will help all players understand the basic fundamentals of putting.

Once we understand the basics of any putting stroke, it is now time to practice and improve on these fundamentals. Putting is an area of our game that we will always try to refine. I consider myself a fairly good putter. I try to average under 30 putts a round and for the most part I am successful. To accomplish this goal, I continually work on my putting in order to shoot the lowest scores possible.

Here is a putting drill I use that really helps me work on my fundamentals. I am 15 feet from the pin and set the alignment sticks up to swing down my chosen line. I was all around the hole and for a player of my caliber, ensuring a two putt from that distance is a must.

The fundamentals of putting are important. Once you understand what works for your game, it is important to maintain this skill in order to improve. You can adopt the fundamentals anyway you want, but they are core tenets that work.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Putting Fundamentals: Not Just For Beginners

  1. I noticed not one of those 3 balls made it to the hole there buddy. 🤔 How’s that old saying go?

    I do get it. You’re practicing your stroke and getting a feel for the greens. Then again, your face isn’t in the video so we can’t prove it’s you. Could that be on purpose because of said short putts? 😂

    I can see you’re using your back 6 forward 12 stroke. I like that stroke but only use it on closer putts or super fast ones. I find I have better distance control with a level back and forth movement. Try viewing your putting at twice the speed and you’ll see why.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kevin,

      Thanks for the comment? 🤔😂 I actually hit the ball just past the hole on each putt, just was not at the hole. And yes it was me in the video, I can tell from the legs. All joking aside, I can see you point about the distance relating to the up back 6 forward 12. There are many variables, but the main point is to hit through the ball. This action prevents decelerating that putter head at the point of contact.

      Cheers Jim


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