How Often Do You Replace Your Golf Ball?

This is an often talked about subject with no right answer. It struck me as an interesting topic for today because my friend at 36aday is have a Snell Golf Ball give away. Don’t ask me why or how I connected the dots between these two topics, but somehow I did. Anyway, back to the discussion at hand. If I was to answer the question, my answer would be: “that depends”. Continue reading

Digging Your Ball Out Of The Cabbage

I know it is hard to believe, every once in a while I hit a wayward golf shot. My ball leaves the fairway, much to my dismay, and ends up in the cabbage. Usually after a short look and a foot wedge I miraculously have an awesome lie. The times when my playing partners are in range, I have to make a magical shot out of tough lie. However, making the stroke required can be daunting and of course challenging.  Continue reading

How To Pick Your Golf Ball | The Grateful Golfer

Next to selecting your golf clubs, your golf ball is the most personal piece of equipment you can choose. Before anyone tells you different, there is no right or wrong answer, however I would contest that the ball a professional uses and the ball an amateur uses should be different. The difference is embedded in swing speed, contact, feel, and cost. For those who have a very little idea about some of the factors, you can check out my infographic at this link.

If you are interested in the findings of a fun conversation by a bunch of grateful golfers, then keep reading. Continue reading

The Golf Ball and Bifurcation

Recently, Darwin Howard, Superintendent of Seguin Valley Golf Club, asked me to weigh in on the raging debate of the golf ball and bifurcation. Before we go further, bifurcation is defined as the point or area at which something divides into two branches or parts. The main concern is that by changing the specifications on a golf ball for professionals, two sets of rules will be develop further separating professionals (and high-ranking amateurs) from the regular player. For the golfing purists, I can see how this discussion is causing them fits, however for everyone else I am not so sure. Continue reading