Which Shot Was the Worst?

Today, I learned a valuable lesson.  I was golfing with a friend and we were playing pretty well.  We were enjoying the beautiful weather, excellent conditions at Osprey Links, and great conversation.  I am a grateful golfer just for the outstanding time on the links.

All was going well until the 16th hole.  It is a long uphill par 5 with a difficult approach shot.  I hit the ball a little long and rolled off the back into the long grass.  Now the fun begins.  I hit my 52 degree and chilly dipped the shot.  Frustrated, I walked up to the ball on the fringe and sculled it 25 feet from the pin.  A smooth 2 putt and ta da – 7.

So which was the worst shot….you are right.  It was the 5th shot I sculled across the green.  Every once in a while, I make silly mistakes like this.  I should have walked over to my bag, grabbed the proper club and my putter.  Then walk back to the ball and focus and visualize the ball going in the hole.  This is an important lesson I continue to relearn.

Everyone makes a bad shot, it is what you do next that counts.  Reducing strokes by staying focused and accepting that sometimes bad shots happen will reduce your overall score.  Besides, on such a fantastic day what did I have to complain about…I am a grateful golfer!

2 thoughts on “Which Shot Was the Worst?

    • golf2grow

      Thanks. Golf is an awesome day and would rather be on the course having a “bad day”, than at work having a fantastic day…haha. Have an awesome Labour Day Weekend!

      The Grateful Golfer


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