So Why Golf?

Perception is reality! – Lee Atwater

Discussing any topic with someone is always interesting!  Their point of view or perception of any issue is always correct (for them) and most of the time they can present life examples of why they are correct. I believe that everyone’s point of view provides a window into his or her character and how they think.  One’s perception is truly one’s reality!

Let’s take golf for example.  I have discussed golf with many people and why in my perception its the best sport in the world.  Why it is not always about winning a tournament, but competing with yourself everyday.  Most non-golfers really do not see it.  Their perception of the game is that it is for older people who are not athletic or fit enough to play baseball, hockey, tennis….etc.  Or they see it as a waste of time and they would rather be living vicariously through the TV watching professional sports. (Okay a bit of a rant there…sorry)  Ultimately, they do not get the why golf is such a great game!  So for those none golfers who happen to stumble across this article – this is why golf is GREAT!

Etiquette and Fair Play

“Golf is a sport that will teach your child things like etiquette and fair play because golf is, and always has been, a game of honour. They can learn how to conduct themselves on the golf course, especially when playing in a group or with other groups playing behind. Having regard for other golfers on the course is an integral part of the game and children will do well to learn this early.”  This point is every important to me and deserves the credit for writing it so well.  Although the article focuses on kids; this article applies to everyone!

The Top 10 Life Lessons Your Child Can Learn from Playing Golf

This is an excellent reason for people should take up golf!  It outlines 10 benefits for kids, however I would suggest that if the kids can do it so can adults, teenagers and basically anyone.  My favorite from the ten life lessons is humility and respect.  This trait will benefit everyone, now and into the future.

What can you learn from golf?

By Paul Gittings, CNN, November 17, 2011.  He provides a very interesting perspective on the game of golf.  He suggests that golf is not easy to learn.  Additionally, it takes plenty of practice.  “Better, perhaps, to adopt the attitude of the great South African golfer Gary Player, who often performed miracles around the greens. “The more I practice, the luckier I get,” the nine-time major champion was once famously quoted as saying.””  Gary player summed up the article very well.  His perception is that practice does improve your ability in anything.  I agree and that is my reality.

Sun rising

Sun Rising During and Early Morning Round! Laurentide Golf Course, Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada

Golf, like any sport, should be played to have fun!  I enjoy chasing a little white ball around the course in the early morning when it is quiet and relaxing, walking on fresh-cut grass, seeing the sun rise over a green, getting a hole in one, watching my friend get a hole in one, watching my mom get a hole in one (that was really cool!) watching my friend break 90, 80, 70, me breaking 70, and competing against myself every round to try to improve something about my game.  My perception is that golf is the ultimate sport that transcends all ages and my reality is that no one can convince me otherwise!  I am a grateful golfer.

So what does golf mean to you?


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