Time for Golf!

Time for GolfGolf can be a time-consuming sport.  A round of golf could last up to 6 hours depending on the pace of play.  Although 6 hours is ridiculous, it is not uncommon at public courses on the weekend.  Time is a precious commodity that needs to doled out with caution….or does it?

The amount of time any player dedicates to golf is directly proportional to their desire to play and/or improve.  My goal this year to be a scratch golfer highlights my in creased desire to play better and therefor the need to adjust how I spend my time.  My four step plan comes with a renewed commitment to be a better player, but also a requirement to change how I spend my time.

There is no question that my family will always be my number one focus and thus the majority of my time will be spent with them.  Next are my hobbies.  Of these, I want to spend the next largest allotment of time.  These are the things that make me happy and help me to grow.  Inside this group is golf.

As stated earlier, I need to change how I spend my time.  My first step of my plan is to become healthier and more physically fit.  This is extremely important because without my health, the rest does not matter.  Brett Wilson’s book Redefining Success has helped me rediscover this tenet important to a happy life.  To accomplish this step, I adjusted when I go to work and what I do with my time after work.  For me, this has not been a large change, but a necessary one. 

To stay accountable, I have dedicated the time to update my blog at least every second day.  More if possible, but at least every second day.  This may not seem like much, but there is a requirement for 1-2 hours every second day to keep this commitment.

As you can see, even in the early stages of my play requires a commitment of time.  As I move forward, more planning is required to make sure that practice and playing are also maximized.  Not to mention the days where opportunities arise to participate in my favorite sport.

Time is important.  I discovered many years ago that I have plenty of time to do the things I enjoy and the things I must.  Mostly, I have gained the time from not watching too much TV.  That is a personal choice and one I do not regret.  Also, through planning, I have been able to identify the best times to do certain activities that maximizes my availability to be with my family and enjoy my hobbies.

If you are contemplating a golfing goal that goes beyond your current expectations, time management will be a factor.  It helps set the stage for success if you account for time and are willing to change how you use it.

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!


3 thoughts on “Time for Golf!

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  2. Jim, congrats on a whole bunch of self awareness! You’ve just thrown down your goals for all your readers to read. I imagine…..you’re probably pretty psyched. Good for you, for finding “more” meaning in the things you do, and why you do them. I get from you that you’re just fine tuning, that you’re already pretty “aware” of what’s up. Now, you’ve set the bar up. Time for the challenge, right? I’d be more intimidated by the “update blog every 2 days” than the “get to scratch”. That updating stuff is aggressive 🙂


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