Golf Tip – Marking Your Ball on the Green

Marking your ball on the green is as important as making coffee in the morning! There is a procedure to each that if performed properly can have a positive impact on your day. For most of us, marking your ball is a routine action that we give very little thought to when playing.

Here is all the basic details on how and why marking your ball is important:

As I reviewed the video, I was surprised by the first statement about one ball striking another on the green.  So I checked the rules and this is what I found:

Rule 19-5a. If a player’s ball in motion after a stroke is deflected or stopped by a ball in play and at rest, the player must play his ball as it lies. In match play, there is no penalty. In stroke play, there is no penalty, unless both balls lay on the putting green prior to the stroke, in which case the player incurs a penalty of two strokes.

I did not know this rule! During a competition I always mark my ball, so this rule would never apply. However, during our weekly matches we often leave our ball unmarked while one of us is putting. Well, I will stop that practice immediately.

On a side note, I always thank the player for moving his marker. It is my way of reminding the player to move it back. I realize that it could be construed as aiding another player, but I guess in the big scheme of things, I would rather win by shooting a lower score, not by the player incurring a needless penalty!

I am grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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