Golf Tip: Eliminating Trouble off the Tee

Roundel Glen 06 Jul 14 (4)In my earlier golfing career, my biggest challenge in my game was staying in play off the tee. I have always hit the ball straight, yet my game continued to be hindered by poor tee shots. This frustrating challenge actually prevented me from maintaining a single digit handicap. Not knowing what to do, I ask the Club Pro, Gary Corriveau at Circle Pines Golf Course in Borden, Ontario.

Gary was always a great resource of information. He was approachable and always had time for players who had questions about improving their golf game. I remember talking to him about a particular hole at Circle Pine and explained my challenges off the tee. After listening to my diatribe, he patiently explained about teeing up on the side of the potential hazard; to avoid the potential hazard.

Gary explained how I would naturally adjust my alignment to avoid the hazard. He took 5 minutes to show me how my set up changed without me thinking about the potential challenges that faced me off the tee.

I have used and expanded this lesson over the years. I expanded this tip to include how I am hitting the ball on any given day. If I am pushing the ball (for some unknown reason) I tee it up on the right side of the tee box. This, without thinking too much, forces me to aim left to allow for my swing flaw. It opposite applies if I am pulling the ball.

Here is what Hank Haney has to say:

Adjusting where you stand on the tee box to avoid potential hazards is one of fundamental steps to great course management. Taking the time to understand your natural swing and using the above tip will also help. Course management is not just about club selection; it also deals with how to avoid trouble before you start. Standing on the right side of the tee box to avoid the potential hazards on the course will help lower your scores and reduce your frustration while looping the links.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Golf Tip: Eliminating Trouble off the Tee

  1. Thanks, Jim.
    A good read. Like you, I struggled for years to get consistency off the tee. My issue – grip pressure and tempo but same results. It certainly is a key to scoring well – getting the ball in play. Some great tips, especially around alignment. Thanks!

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  2. Such simple advice yet I really can save quite a few strokes for us who struggle to keep it in the short grass from time to time. Im a single digit handicap looking to qualify for some tournaments and this is a very good course management tip so I just want to thank you for sharing! Ive also been told to tee it down a bit more than usual if that is a lot of hazards off the tee.

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  3. Hi Jim, I am usually pretty straight off the tee, but that is not good at my course, as some tee’s are off set to the right and some to the left, which means straight goes into trouble. You have try and shape the shot to find the fairway.

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