Slow Play Costs Jordan Spieth

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Slow Play! No Way!

As one of my must read golf blogs, White Dragon Golf, by Pete Robbins, hammered home a misunderstood point about a contentious topic: Slow Play! This what Pete wrote:

World #1 Jordan Spieth received a slow play penalty at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championships.

Jordan reported that he had no idea why he got the penalty in the first place, he said it was a surprise to his playing partners Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler as well. The official ruling was that he took too long over a putt, while already being on the clock.;

“It didn’t make any sense to me”

“It didn’t affect the round, but Rory and Rickie were surprised as well.”

Under the European Tours slow play policy, two monitoring penalties will result in a fine, of about $2,800.

Rory commented;

“It was a bit of a weird one.”

“Sometimes the refs have to use common sense. With the time we’re allowed if you take an extra look at a putt you’re over the time.”

“But if we’re in position relative to the group ahead there’s no reason to time us.”

So I guess walking around to check all angles of a putt is verboten on the Euro Tour, you just have to stand up and hit it. Officialdom gone mad, if you want to watch the best golf in the world, let the players take some time over a putt. There are too many rules already.


Everyone plays to quick!

As you can see, Spieth’s playing partners were flabbergasted by the call and wondered why the penalty was assessed. The apparently were keeping pace with the group in front of them, and they were not holding anyone up! Thus, is this really slow play.

According to Pete, Spieth took too long over his putt. He had already been warned, thus the reason for the penalty. However, does this really constitute slow play when you are keeping pace with the group in front?

Personally, if a group is keeping pace, it is impossible to call someone for slow play! A player might take a bit longer putting or aligning a shot, but as long as it does not jamb you for time on your shots or cause the group to fall behind, slow play cannot be called. I am not sure what the referees were thinking, but I am sure more of the story will unfold over the next few days!

What do you think? Should Jordan Spieth have been called for slow play?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Slow Play Costs Jordan Spieth

  1. I play quickly. My pre-shot takes about 8 seconds. I’m sure I’m an impatient player when it comes to slow groups. If you’re in “position” and keeping up with the group in front of you, good for you.

    In this case, I imagine EVERY group on course was playing slow, anyways. The PGA Tour for me is tough to watch sometimes. I say penalize away, and get them moving!


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