Golfing for Fun

Golf is supposed to be fun! It is a sport where the concept is to hit a little white ball with odd-shaped sticks into a very small hole! How can golf not be fun! Everyday, whether I am practicing or playing, I remind myself that no matter what happens golf is always meant to be fun and enjoyable; if your golf game is not fun, then what is the point of playing?

I am not going to rant about the things that are not fun, but instead, I made a list of things I enjoy about golf. Things that make me happy that I am on the links. For some this list will not even spark a hint of recognition, but for others, they will embrace what I am thinking and can easily add to the list. So you if you are not into having fun with golf, I suggest you stop reading. If your interest is peaked, then please read on!

create a great golferAfter playing golf for over 40 years (wow has it been that long already?) I have experienced my ups and downs on the course. However, it is the simple things that make golf fun and I thought sharing these with you might spark a smile, a chuckle or even a ponderous thought. Regardless, this is my list of what keeps golf fun for me.

  • I love playing early bird golf to watch the sunrise. I enjoy listening to the birds chirp. I love the quiet of an early morning golf game. It is when I feel the most relaxed and restorative. The score does not matter, but the experience is priceless!
  • I love the sound of the ball hitting the bottom of the cup. I am not sure why, but that sound is rewarding as if I completed a task of some sort. I wish I heard that sound earlier on some holes, but hey, I still like hearing the sound.
  • I like watching the ball fly through the air. My favorite is watching a very high approach shot as it approaches the green. The anticipation of watching the ball slice through the air on its way to the target provides that second or two of hope that is most rewarding.
  • I like making a birdie after a bogey. Heck, I just like making birdies!
  • I love getting a lucky break. I mean a break like when the ball hits a water hazard and pops out on the fairway.
  • I enjoy watching my friends smile as they shoot a birdie or eagle!
  • I like the sound of the club hitting the ball off the tee. If you close your eyes and listen, you can tell if the ball was well hit or not. It is fun to try.
  • I enjoy playing golf with friends. The laughter and light-hearted banter is the best.
  • I love learn new things on the course. Sometimes it is from a poor shot and others from great shots. But mostly, I feel the round is not wasted if I learn something.
  • Lastly, and I could go on, I enjoy being in the moment on the golf course. Sometimes I forget, but when I am in the moment, I am calm, relaxed, and experiencing a journey worth repeating.

Golf is a sport that is meant to be fun for the masses. It is frustrating at times, but for the most part, golf is what you make of it. So next time you are on the links and things are starting to go sour, thing about what you love about golf and I bet your round will change for the better. Give it a try and let us know how you made out!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Golfing for Fun

  1. Hi Jim,

    Do you think being new to golf makes a difference in attitude?

    I play for the pure pleasure of it. As far as I am concerned my golf is about “how to get yourself out of the shit you just put yourself in” as you always have another shot and I don’t overthink it. I just whack it and hope for the best (after lining up and addressing the ball the same way every time) but I haven’t had a bad round of golf.

    I’ve played some bad golf but it hasn’t made for a bad round of golf if you know what I mean. I have also played some amazing golf and pulled off shots I see in my head and they go exactly where I envision them.

    I don’t have a set crew that I play with as I travel so much so I am playing with different people constantly and I am enjoying my golfing adventures.

    Great article.

    Cheers, Tiff

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    • Tiff

      You hit on many interesting topics. Being new to the game and all the travelling you do, I am not surprised that you are having so much fun. I think a player’s attitude, regardless of you long you have been playing, is self created.

      Right now, your journey is all about golf, you are meeting new people, playing awesome courses, and I recommend you continue doing what you are doing. Having fun.

      On a side note, maybe focusing on visualizing shots might be beneficial to your game (as you mentioned) and lower your scores. But right now, just enjoy the game.


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  2. Jim, With all of your thoughts on what makes golf the great game that it is, I enjoy a round with my greatest friend. For all of you that follow Jim, he is a great friend and someone who has served his country with great pride. The Canadian Forces will miss the dedication of Jim as he prepares to retire from uniform. Kirk

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